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The what and why of a General Chapter

A general chapter is always a key moment for each FCJ Sister as we take time to look at our individual lives and our life as a group across the world so that we may be led by the Holy Spirit into the future.

Our Constitutions describe a general chapter as entering in a special way into the paschal mystery, in the hope of continual conversion and renewal, individual and corporate so that we may search in faith for God's will in the contemporary church and the contemporary world. (Cons. 276)

The quality of any General Chapter depends on all FCJs since the outcome of the chapter depends on the quality of the preparation, on each FCJ contributing to the best of her ability to the preparation process.

General Chapters are held to discern the future directions of the FCJ Society and to elect members of our Central Leadership. This Chapter will be electing a general superior and her assistants.

Where and When will this General Chapter take place?

This General Chapter will be held in Loyola Hall, Rainhill, Liverpool, Uk from the 9th October to 1st November inclusive.