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Reflections on 'Companionship' and on 'Salt and Light'

Rev. Sam Wells.Rev Sam Wells, Vicar, St-Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square, London

The main part of Friday, 11 October, was input given by Rev Sam Wells, vicar of St. Martin’s-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square, London, UK.

Sam began with the discernment question for our Chapter and addressed it in two ways.

His first talk was about what it means to be a Faithful Companion. His second talk explored what it might mean for us to be Salt and Light. We are able to provide you with these talks with Sam's permission.

As we prayed and reflected with Sam's input, we were to ask ourselves:

What had real meaning for me in  what I heard?
What surprised me?
What challenged me?
What is emerging in my awareness in the context of our Chapter theme
and of what we are here to do on behalf of the Society?

Talk 1: The meaning of Companionship: Download the text here or watch the video.

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The second talk was after lunch.

Sam Wells at lunch with the group.

At lunch.

Talk 2: Salt and Light: Download the text here or watch the video.

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The whole day was a reflective experience; beginning with Faith sharing. Then we entered reflectively into Sam's talks, taking time for personal reflection on the text and then sharing within our table groups before a plenary conversation with him.

Some comments on the day:

Paola Terroni fcJ
I found the day’s input extremely stimulating.  I found the story of David and Goliath inspiring and the idea of ‘being with’ – God being with us and calling us to be with others. There is a lot for us to explore in terms of our smallness. David was not a Goliath and didn’t need to be.

Afra Primadiana fcJ
I found the whole day very good. The input was clear, insightful and inspiring.

Ruth Casey fcJ
Wonderful! I felt Sam was a breath of fresh air, he made us think so differently because of being from a different tradition. Sam is such a humble man. I found his definition of the vows excellent.

Lois Anne fcJ
I really appreciated Sam’s use of the story of David and Goliath. I especially liked his point that David did not need to take on the characteristics of Goliath… We can take confidence in our smallness. That whole concept of ‘God is with us’ leads us to the depth of our companionship.

Margaret Frain fcJ
I thought Sam was great. I took it on board that ‘God is with us’. I loved the story of David and Goliath, that David was a humble man. David was successful in defeating Goliath even though he was a simple youth... Often we are pushed by life to be like Goliath, but we need to stay with the idea of being David, the simple young man.

Clare Hand fcJ
I really enjoyed Sam’s inputs, they were deeply thought provoking. How good to be given another perspective on important aspects of our life, for example our name and our call to smallness. Sam challenged us strongly to stay humble and simple just as the young David was.

Paula Mullen fcJ
Sam said some things I need to think more about. For example, Is littleness part of our identity and in what sense? What does the Nazareth experience mean for us if it was as essential a part of Jesus’ life as was his three years in ministry? How can institutions avoid taking on the Goliath mentality?

Rita McLoughlin fcJ
I found the talks stimulating and challenging, particularly the morning session. Sam is someone who speaks from real experience. His input confirmed some of our insights from the faith sharing … and made me reflect on the Magis and its challenge to us.