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Getting Started ...

Before coming to Chapter, we volunteered for different committees ... liturgy, social, communication. Here is a photo of the Liturgy Committee at work.

Photo of liturgy committee.

For the Chapter to run well certain necessary structures need to be in place from the very beginning, so on day two we agreed on the schedule and the agenda and then elected members of the steering committee

Green cards signify agreement.

Careful attention to the schedule and agenda is important to ensure that we complete the work we came to this Chapter to do.

Table facilitators.The chapter members meet, on alternate days, in two distinct table groups, a ‘base’ group and a ‘consensus’ group. Each group has a facilitator whose role is to make sure that the group functions well and that all sisters have an equal opportunity to speak. The facilitators are shown at the left.

Steering committee.


The steering committee consists of three elected sisters plus the general superior and general secretary:

Alicia Pérez, Veronika Schreiner, Brenda Wallace,
Susan Donohue (general secretary) and
Katherine Mary O’Flynn (general superior). 

Its role is to serve the chapter.

The steering committee meets daily with the facilitator, Barbara Valuckas, and with the facilitators of the days’ table groups to evaluate and to plan.