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Members of the Chapter reflect IV ...

Just before the Chapter's closing tomorrow, several FCJs take the opportunity to tell you something about themselves, their ministries and their comments about the Chapter as we come to the final two days.

Thank you to each and everyone for your interest and prayerful support. We are aware that we have been carried by prayer.

Joan McGeough fcJ

Born in Renfrewshire, Scotland, Joan entered the Society in 1970. Her ministries include eleven wonderful years of teaching French, Italian and Religious Education in Maria Fidelis Convent School in London and Upton Hall School FCJ in the Wirral. As a result of a growing awareness of the need for adult faith formation, and after a time of study, Joan moved into university chaplaincy, working with a lively ecumenical chaplaincy team at the University of Salford. For the past fourteen years Joan has been working in the field of retreats, spirituality, accompaniment etc. in Glasgow, Scotland and currently in the FCJ Centre of Spirituality in Brussels.

Comment on the Chapter

This Chapter has been a good experience of growing together as a body in communal discernment. The fruit of the faith-sharing in the same base and consensus groups throughout the Chapter, has been palpable.


Rita McLoughlin fcJ

Photo of Rita fcJ.

Born in Middlesbrough, Rita entered the Society in 1961. After a number of years of teaching French and RE, she became involved in FCJ formation. She helped direct five tertianships, was assistant to the novice director and many years later became novice director in France and then England. She has been a volunteer in projects for refugees and immigrants for many years, first in an all-women's project and then for men from Eastern Europe who had been living on the street. Recently she has become part of a chaplaincy team for Goldsmith's College (part of the University of London) and London South Bank University.

Comment on the Chapter

It was a real, faith-filled Paschal Mystery. The faith sharing was a wonderful and inspiring experience which grounded our discerning and decisions in God and what God wanted at this time. I am deeply grateful for the trust and communion which steadily grew stronger and enabled the process to work well. But it had its challenging moments! And there was much laughter and time to get to know each other and the Society across the Provinces through formal presentations and informal chatting.


Judith Routier fcJ

Photo of Judith fcJ.

Born in Jersey, Channel Islands Judith entered the Society in 1971. She taught in St. Mary's Primary School in Isleworth for six years and then in 1984 went to Sierra Leone, West Africa where she taught in High School. After this, she was employed in Kenema Diocese in Catechetics and later in development work. In 1995 the Society left Sierra Leone because of the war, and Judith worked in a development agency in London as a liaison with people in Sierrra Leone for reconciliation programmes. After this, she went to the Philippines and worked in rural parishes, building up Basic Ecclesial communities and training facilitators until she was appointed Province Leader in 2010.

Comment on the Chapter

The depth of sharing in our small groups has made this time together feel like a retreat with extras! The process we were led through helped us to become more aware of our common desires and stronger in our unity.


Alicia Pérez fcJPhoto of Alicia fcJ.

Born in Madrid, España, Alicia entered the Society in 1996. Alicia teaches at the Catholic University of Salta in the Computer Engineering Department and at the Catholic University of Bolivia (La Paz) at the Masters level. She is involved in diocesan teams for Bible animation and in missionary youth groups. She works in collaboration with the Argentinian Jesuits youth and vocations ministries, giving retreats for young adults. She also has some FCJ specific ministries as local leader, provincial councillor and in vocation animation. 
The community in Salta live in a poor neighbourhood and Alicia has many opportunities to accompany people as the community shares life in the local area and parish.


Comment on the Chapter

The Chapter has been a Spirit-filled and profoundly enriching experience of communal discernment of where and how God wants us to be in the coming years. God has also gifted us with a wonderful new General Superior and team of General Assistants.


Ger Curran fcJ

Photo of Ger fcJ.
Ger was born in in Dublin and entered the Society in 1973. In her earlier years she worked firstly as a teacher and subsequently as principal in Laurel Hill Secondary School, Limerick. She now works as a Guidance Counsellor in FCJ Secondary School, Bunclody Co Wexford Ireland. She works with individual students and senior class groups. Her role is to help students aged 14-18 to develop self-management skills which will lead to effective choices and decisions about their lives. She offers a support service to students completing college application forms for CAO, UCAS and PLC courses as well as helping students with disabilities to fill out DARE and HEAR forms that assist access to third level. Personal Counselling is a significant part of her day. In schools this is where a student who is experiencing emotional distress due to various factors such as bereavement, anxiety, depression, family breakdown, etc. can find support.

Comment on the Chapter

It is great to meet FCJ sisters from so many parts of the world and  have the opportunity to share faith at a deep level. The process used by the chapter this time is new to us. It helps us reflect together as a group. I am enjoying the wide variety of exchanges and beautiful liturgies.


Bonnie Moser fcJ

Photo of Bonnie fcJ.

Bonnie was born in Killam, Alberta, Canada and she entered the Society in 1968. Bonnie has served in various ministries since then. Some of these include: FCJ formator at all levels; teacher at St. Anne's Elementary School and St. Mary's High (Calgary); Principal of Madonna High School and St. Mary's Secondary (Toronto); Director of the FCJ Christian Life Centre (Calgary); University lecturer and University Chaplain (Edmonton); local leader (Toronto & Calgary); and Provincial Bursar. Bonnie also served as General Assistant for ten years in England. Most of her ministries have been accompanied by some volunteer ministry e.g. women's shelters, soup kitchens, crises centres for young adults. She is a trained spiritual director and facilitator. Presently she is the Provincial leader of the Province of the Americas.

Comment on the Chapter

This General Chapter has been an extraordinary experience of personal and communal discernment. God has graced our Society with many courageous and gifted women.


Photo of Brenda fcJ.Brenda Wallace fcJ

Born in Toronto, Canada, Brenda entered the Society in 1966, Brenda has been involved in education all her religious life as student, teacher, Head Teacher (24 years), Governor (of Schools), Consultant. "I have loved it and been totally committed to this ministry.

I am now looking forward to using my experience gained to support any aspect of education that I can."

Comment on the Chapter

Our Chapter has been a profound experience of using organisational processes in a faith dimension which transforms and brings forth in us new energy and hope.


Eileen Foley fcJ

Photo of Eileen fcJ.
Born in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, Ireland, Eileen graduated from UCD in 1973 with an Arts degree and Higher Diploma in Education. She taught Irish, Latin and Religious Education at Convent FCJ Bunclody and Coláiste FCJ Laurel Hill in Limerick up to 1993. She co-ordinated a lay Christian community in Dublin 1993-94. She was novice director in Gumley from 1994-98. She qualified as a Systemic Family Therapist in 2001 and is currently working in South Dublin schools. She is qualified in catechetics and in spiritual direction and is local leader of FCJ communities in Dublin and Bunclody.

Comment on the Chapter

Being a member of an international Chapter body is a very rich experience. We give focused attention to our agenda each day. We work in Base groups and Consensus groups and strive with integrity to arrive at the best possible decisions for Governance structures and for our Future Directions as Faithful Companions of Jesus. Being open to new ways and letting go of the old ways is challenging as we try to discern what it is that the Spirit of God is asking of us in these changing times.