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Province Presentations

The day began as usual with faith sharing. The text was Lk 11 : 28 – 32.

Following this we received the presentations of each of our three Provinces. We do this in order to gain as complete a picture as possible of our Society at this moment in time. Each presentation addresses the context in which we live, describes the ministries in which we are engaged and highlights some of the opportunities and challenges facing us as religious women in today’s world.

Our three Provinces are: The Province of the Americas, The Province of Asia-Australia and The Province of Europe.

(You can find out more about these Provinces on our website: Americas, Asia-Australia, Europe.)

Two of the presentations took place in the morning.

Province of the Americas

Province of the Americas presentation.

Sisters from the Province of the Americas.
Lois Anne           Bonnie          Trish                 Alicia            Ann Marie        Madeleine            Joanna

Province of Asia-Australia

Province of Asia-Australia presentation.

Sisters from the Province of Asia-Australia.
Judith                Paola             Afra                Barbara        Clare            Denise       Marion        Beta

Beta fcJ holds up a candle while reading a blessing. At the beginning of the afternoon session, Beta presented a candle and read the blessing,

this time the blessing and candle were from Ende. Meita, fcJ, carved the candle.

Province of Europe

Margarita fcJ (provincial) opens the Province of Europe presentation.

Sisters from the Province of Europe.
Lynne  Veronika   Margarita  Joan  Ruth  Eileen    Mary   Brenda   Claire        Brid      Ger   Jo       Rita

After each presentation there was opportunity for reflection and conversation in table groups.

When all the presentations were finished, Sr. Frances fcJ (general assistant) thanked the sisters.
Photo of Sr. Frances.

We would like to share with you some highlights of these presentations.

Moments of Gratitude

  • The life and energy of the sisters, regardless of age.
  • The wide variety of ministries in which we are involved. eg. social work, university chaplaincy, home visiting, prayer, education, advocacy, anti-trafficking, relief and development work, hospice ministry, interfaith dialogue, counselling etc…
  • The clear ways in which our prayer life, both personally and in community influence all that we do.
  • The joy we take in being companions to each other, as well as to others.
  • We have hope for the future.

Slides from the Americas presentation expressing gratitude.

Slides from the Asia-Australia presentation expressing gratitude for ministries.

Europe expressed gratitude for cultural diversity.


This EU video clip shows some of this diversity.

Challenges and opportunities

Our diverse contexts are both a strength and a challenge.

  • We recognised how our cultural differences enrich us. We were also aware of the need to witness to unity in a world which appears to be growing increasingly polarised.
  • As we see the many needs around us, and have a longing to respond, we are challenged by our own limitations of personnel and resources. Our desire for new members grows out of this passion to be of service in our world.
  • As an international Society we feel the challenge that many in our world experience of restricted movement across national borders.
  • We are challenged to respond with others to the big questions of our time. In this video clip Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, former Nato Secretary General speaks of some of these issues. (Whilst he is speaking from a European context, many of these issues are global issues.)