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This icon was done very recently by Sr. Bernadette Crook RSHM who was head of Art in Gumley for over 20 years. Sr. Bernadette wanted to do something for the FCJs and she presented this icon in September 2013. The icon will be kept at the:

Gumley House Generalate FCJ
Twickenham Road,
Isleworth, Middlesex

The icon was blessed at the end of Mass one evening by Fr. Nicholas Kern of Birkenhead. Sr. Katherine Mary introduced the icon saying:

Icons are not everybody’s style of art and so some will like this icon painting where for others it will not be as attractive. My own experience is that if I just sit quietly something happens.

This is another face of Marie Madeleine for us today just as we too in some way are the faces of Marie Madeleine.  As we continue to be one with him in his thirst, messengers of the good news, we ask that her spirit will continue to inspire us.

Icon of Marie Madeleine painted by Sr. Bernadette Crook RSHM.

During the blessing, the following reflection written by Sr. Breda O'Farrell fcJ (General Superior 1975-1988) in 'The Glory of the Cross' was read:

Father Spidlik S.J. said "If you look in baroque churches and ask where the light is coming from, you will find it is coming from above.  But if you look at an icon, the light is coming from within." 'Icon' is 'image'; and that is what we are: images of God, icons, and the light should be coming from within and for that, the heart of Christ has to be the power within us; the spirit of Christ has to be our freedom within , so that the light is coming from within.  It is not necessarily coming from learning, great and useful and God-given though that may be but the essential is that the Heart of Christ has taken possession of my heart, that the Spirit of God has freedom within me and that he is so at work in me that he is being set free in others.

You can watch a video of the blessing service below. This is a large video, so if your internet connection is slow, the video may appear to stop several times (while more of the video is downloading). If you let it run through with the pauses, you will be able to play it a second time without interruption.

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