Section title text:  Our Spirit.


Graphic of sunrise over world: words are 'Courageous Re-imagining for Mission. The 2013 General Chapter gave the Society directions for the coming six years... You will find below the text of these directions which you can download if you wish.

As we FCJs — individually, as local groups, as Provinces and as a Society — live into and work with these directions, we hope that our FCJ Companions in Mission, families, friends and colleagues will also find meaning and inspiration here and will share the richness of their reflections with us. We are all invited!

We are building an online resource to which we can all contribute. In fact, the value of the resource will depend on our contributions! Just imagine what a wealth we could build over the next several years.

As you consider resource(s) you might offer it might help to use the following statement: When I think of 'compassionate presence' (or any other of the italicized phrases) I am reminded of ... a picture, a photograph, a poem, a reading...

Please send your contributions to Please indicate which italicized phrase sparked your imagination and make sure that the source is clearly identified especially if there is any question of copyright involved. Indicate too if you would like your name to appear as 'contributed by ...'.

We have also started a REFLECTION/DISCUSSION BOARD (similar to the message board that was used during the Chapter) where we are invited to share our reflections, or perhaps to start a discussion, a 'faith sharing' on a particular aspect of the Directions. Click here to go to the reflection/discussion board.

Chapter Directions.

Download text in pdf format (A4 size)

Download text in pdf format (letter size)
Pidamos a Nuestro Señor que nos dé el Espíritu de la Compañía de Jesús;
       ya que tenemos sus Constituciones, es la voluntad de Dios
                   que tengamos su espíritu.    (Marie Madeleine)