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Integrated Leadership and Membership Development in Africa — 2010

Following the congregational Chapter of the Assumption Sisters of Eldoret in August 2008, the new Superior General Sister Paschalia and her team Christophia, Lucy, Mary Paul  and Domitilla asked the Craighead Institute, Glasgow, Scotland through Christine Anderson FCJ  if they could develop an international leadership development programme in Africa. Following a long period of discernment involving International and Diocesan Congregations with many years of experience in Africa it was decided to launch such a program in Kampala, Uganda. The Assumption Sisters of Eldoret with whom the Society  FCJ has worked extensively were the very first to sign up and will cross the border into Uganda willingly.

The programme will start on August 22nd 2010 and will have three modules.  Sister Christine FCJ is Programme Leader on behalf of the FCJs and of Craighead, and is drawing on staff from both Craighead and those with vast experience of living and working in Uganda. A key person here is Immy Nakato of the Sisters of Marie Reparatrice whose guidance and enthusiasm for the project have been key to the understanding of the culture of Uganda. However the programme spans other countries and participants will come from Malawi, Rwanda, Lesotho, Uganda and Kenya.

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The infrasucture of the programme is strongly supported by Marie McDonald former Superior General of the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa and who currently lives in Uganda.  Craighead’s  partner of the programme is the Association of Religious of Uganda (ARU)  and several Foundational Trusts.

This is one way in which we can build on the work done by FCJs over many years in Eldoret.    There is much more to be done in relation to other nearby African Countries from whom requests are already coming through. In the future Craighead Institute is invited to work with ACWECA  which is the umbrella body for  the religious of Eastern and Central Africa.

If you would like to support this project in any way you can do it by prayer or financial contributions to Craighead  for core costs or by making it known to other friends of the society in nearby countries. This program is in English but as all the staff speak French it is hoped to also give it in French speaking Cameroon in the near future. But that is for another year!

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