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FCJ Involvement in the Southern Sudan Project  — May 2010

The FCJ Sisters continue to be actively involved in the Solidarity with Southern Sudan Project under the  auspices of the UISG (International Union of Superiors General)  and USG (Union of Major Superiors.)

There are currently 17 religious personnel from different congregations working in southern Sudan. This is a unique project because Religious communities are accustomed to working independently in their mission. In this instance, they are working collaboratively to best serve the interests of the people in southern Sudan.

Solidarity with Southern Sudan is a project that seeks to promote the Kingdom of God in partnership with the local church and the people of Sudan through the establishment and development of teacher and health training institutes and those pastoral services deemed most urgent.  Read more about the project here


Sisters Betty Ryan, left and Margaret Sheehan right, with Katherine Mary O'Flynn, Superior General

Sisters  Betty Ryan fcJ and Margaret Sheehan fcJ, both originally from Ireland, are involved in the Educational Project, (a 4-Year In-Service leading to a Primary Teachers’ Certificate.) Currently, Sr Betty along with a sister from another congregation is  following a two week Teacher Training programme in English and Science.   Read an earlier report about the FCJ involvement here. Read a recent article about the project in the New York Times

Acknowledgements: Nicholas D. Kristoff and the New York Times

 May God bless all involved in this project — may it go from strength to strength!

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