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A growing sense of justice, — Bucharest, Romania

On February 2, the day dedicated to the Consecrated life, a large number of Religious men and women gathered in the Archdiocese of Bucharest together with the Archbishop, Ioan Robu before a festive Candlemas liturgy. The FCJ Sisters had been invited to give the input, and Luminița Popescu fcJ and Juliet Ory fcJ presented a powerpoint entitled 'And God saw that it was good.' It was a first step, a gentle yet challenging exercise in awareness-raising concerning the theology of the cosmos, ecological issues and the implications of climate change, based largely on material from the SEDOS conference of May 2009 in Assisi. Sisters Lumi and Juliet invited their listeners not only to be respectful of all creation, but to do something small everyday to save the planet and to encourage others to do the same.

bucharest 1.

Sisters Juliet and Lumi write, 'Here in Bucharest we have no garden, but we are delighted to notice that over the past year there has been a real effort to make Bucharest a greener more attractive city. Trees have been planted, new flower beds on roadsides and more wooden benches and children’s play areas in parks. Children are being alerted to care for the natural environment, to pick up rubbish. In our bloc, we have different containers for paper, plastic and general rubbish.

Bucharest 2.

As for justice and peace, Romania is a country where there is much injustice and many really poor people who have to survive on a very small income. The economic crisis has added to their misery. Recently, 60,000 people from all over the country gathered in the capital, many in Piata Victoriei near where we live, to protest vociferously against the recent government legislation to reduce salaries by 25% and pensions by15%... people are getting more courageous in expressing their anger and discontent openly, this is a new freedom to come out publicly to demonstrate which we are pleased to note.'

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'... and God saw that it was good.'

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