Section title text:  Recent News.

Sisca fcJ and Narni fcJ in traditional dress.Sharing FCJ Charism
in St Peter and Paul, Insein

Sisca Setiati fcJ shares news 
from Yangon, Myanmar -
July 2013

Our monthly recollection for young women for the month of July was held in St Peter and Paul’s Parish, Insein, Yangon.

To our surprise 65 men and women from the parish came to the recollection and we thought that the inclusivity (men and women) fitted in really well with our theme on Eucharist.

We experienced a warm welcome and received great appreciation from the parish priest, Fr Hyginus Mynt Soe and the parish councils. After the recollection, we enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared for us.

We were also blessed with our FCJ team which included Narni FCJ who led the prayer with movement, Mary Nupan, our language interpreter and our friends who helped us with logistics and distributed our FCJ brochures.

It was a joyous day where once again we could feel Jesus present and make our FCJ charism more widely known.

Nuestra pequeña Sociedad tiene como fin
     glorificar el corazón de Jesús
           por todos los medios a su alcance…     (Marie Madeleine)