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Pilgrim's Badge.FCJ PILGRIMAGE:  1– 8  JULY 2013
for Companions in Mission and some school colleagues

In July a group of Companions in Mission and school colleagues made a pilgrimage in the footsteps of our Foundress, Marie Madeleine. They were accompanied by an FCJ team: Mary Fitzpatrick, Mary Campion McCarren, Lorenza Magagnin and Juliet Ory.

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prepared by Mary Fitzpatrick fcJ for your reflection.

Photos from Albert, St. Acheul and Amiens.

Our pilgrimage route took us first to Albert, St.Acheul and Amiens. We had a beautiful Mass in the chapel of Notre Dame de Brebières.  It was really exciting to see for the first time Madame Joseph’s room at St. Acheul and the view down in the sanctuary of the church, followed by  the grandeur of  Amiens cathedral, and our visit to the little house in Rue Dupuis.

Visit to Albert; meeting the families.

There were gatherings with members of the family in Paris, and in Issoudun... where we visited the hospice of St. Roch, where the young Victoire and her friend Constance helped the sick.

Photos of the pilgrims in groups.

Our international  group of  36 pilgrims from  4 continents was  a rich experience bringing together pilgrims fromIreland and Indonesia, Australia and Canada, Romania and England.

Photos in Chateauroux.

In Chateauroux, in the church of St. Martial where Marie Madeleine was baptised, and the lycee Jean Giraudoux, which was one of our early convents and schools.

Photos in Pouplain.

The visit to Pouplain, a highlight for many, prayer together in the chapel, now a barn, where Marie Madeleine’s parents are  buried, and where  she played as a child with her brothers and sister.

Bourges cathedral.

The beauty of Sunday Mass in Bourges cathedral, the chandeliers lit in all their glory. The thrill of going into 10 Rue Coursarlon, the former home of Marie Madeleine and Joseph after their marriage.

Visiting 10 rueCoursarlon.

A visit to the church of Notre Dame des Victoires, in Paris, and a very moving prayer service and Mass in the church of St. Dominique, in the chapel where Marie Madeleine’s reliquary is now enshrined.

Photos in Paris.

FCJ leaders.Pouplain chapel windowlTo the right :the Pouplain chapel window,
overgrown but beautiful,
the place where Marie Madeleine
  made her First Holy Communion.

To the left
: FCJ team
who organised and led the Pilgrimage

The whole group. Let’s hear from the pilgrims:

Certain of Marie-Madeleine’s experiences
when put into context made them more real

             It’s easier to appreciate what she gave up,
             now that I’ve seen the places myself

Her struggles are relevant to my struggles in faith

             I was struck by her devotion to Mary

A real hands-on experience

             My faith was strengthened

Very moved by what she gave up to help others

Nuestra pequeña Sociedad tiene como fin
     glorificar el corazón de Jesús
           por todos los medios a su alcance…     (Marie Madeleine)