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An award to Lois Anne Bordowitz fcJ
March 26, 2013

The FCJ Refugee Centre in Toronto, Canada, a project of the Sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus, continues its excellent work in serving refugees and others at risk due to their immigration status. You might be interested in their most recent annual report.

Logo of the FCJ Youth Network.Of special interest this year is the inauguration of the FCJ Youth Network which has made amazing progress in its inaugural year. The group welcomed more than 60 members, spanning diverse experiences, backgrounds and identities. This unique, youth-led, youth-decided group met weekly to discuss issues relevant to them – including anti-oppression, navigating the Canadian job market, access to education and sharing skills. The youth quickly mobilized their knowledge and gained a reputation in local and national networks. They received excellent feedback for their initiative in organizing the social event for the Canadian Council for Refugees’ Fall Consultation, sparking a new tradition for future consultations. In addition to this, the youth were able to participate in some volunteer work at the Centre, such as graphic design, maintenance, videography and painting, which even led to paid employment for some. But it wasn’t all work – the group also took some time to take part in some fun activities, including a Toronto Blue Jays baseball game, a camping trip to Sanctuary North, and attending some local hip hop shows. (Quote from Annual Report)

Sr. Lois Anne began working at the FCJ Refugee Centre in 1996, collaborating with Francisco Rico (Francisco and Loly Rico are co-directors of the FCJ Refugee Centre) in organizing workshops, producing manuals, updating website, etc. At this time Lois Anne is President of the Board of Directors of the Centre. She volunteers one day a week at the Refugee Centre and one day a week at the Toronto Immigration Holding Centre, where she has helped to maintain an NGO presence for almost 15 years. The Toronto Immigration Holding Centre (commonly referred to as the Detention Centre is a place where refugees and asylum seekers are held until their papers are processed.

On March 26, 2013, Lois Anne received an award from Seneca College in Toronto recognizing her 'long-standing service to immigrants and refugees'.

At the award ceremony.

Congratulations Lois-Anne!

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