Section title text:  Recent News.

A new Community in SE London at  Waller Road, New Cross
from December 2012

Whilst Lark Hill FCJ, Preston, England could boast of its own lake and Sacred Heart, Calgary, Canada delights in its own stretch of river, FCJ House, Waller Road, New Cross, UK,  takes delight in its very own tiny pond. So in the pond at the bottom of the lovely little garden there are frogs, newts and fish, in the middle of the garden there is often a squirrel or a fox and up the garden are three FCJ sisters in the community!

Photos of the street, the house, the garden.

The house is in a pleasant,  multi-cultural, leafy area at the northern end of the Telegraph Hill Conservation Area. As in all parts of London, access to public transport is excellent and the shops are near,  so car-use is reduced significantly.

New Cross is in SE London in the same diocese as Broadstairs.  The community is actively involved in vocations work, Justice, peace and Integrity of Creation activities and education.  FCJs in the area are supporting the Catholic Chaplaincy of Goldsmith’s College which is part of London University. 

Nuestra pequeña Sociedad tiene como fin
     glorificar el corazón de Jesús
           por todos los medios a su alcance…     (Marie Madeleine)