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Gatherings of Past Pupils of La Chassotte

It has now become a custom to organize a meeting of past pupils of La Chassotte every second year, so in 2011 about 45 former students gathered in Brussels from the 5th to the 10th of October. Liliane Jordan and I are always invited as much appreciated guests. Everything is organized to the last detail and normally there are no free moments!

Photos of past pupils on the bus wearing ball caps labelled 'La Chassotte'.

This time, because we were in Brussels, we started with two visits to the European Parliament – one conducted in Spanish, one in French. The son of Betsy White works there so that was a special treat. There was a visit to the town for those who wished and a big evening gathering at the house of one of the past pupils who had organized the meeting. We were offered a superb meal and we talked and talked and talked late into the night.

Photos of Past Pupils celebrating.

It is amazing how many memories are brought back and how appreciative each one is for what she received at La Chassotte and the difference that it has made to her life. It is really very touching and my one regret is that Claire Hennessy has not been able to be present to any of them. Circumstances of life!

One day is always reserved for an all-day outing in memory of the Sunday outings we had in La Chassotte. This time we went to visit Bruges.

At every meeting each one receives a present – in 2009 we received the “casquette” with La Chassotte written on it and in 2011, since Belgium is known for its rain, we received an umbrella!!!

In 2013 we shall – probably – meet in Switzerland again. And I am already looking forward to that!

Lorenza fcJ

Note: The past pupils of La Chassotte maintain a beautiful website. Do take some time to enjoy!

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