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Final Profession of Vows in Manila - VanVan Reposar fcJ
14th April 2012

Anyone who has ever attended a happy wedding can imagine the joy we FCJs experienced at Van-van’s
final vows on 14th April 2012. The evening before the actual ceremony there was a special prayer in which
we gave thanks for Van-van’s life and vocation. This prayer took place in Kamias, the house where
Van-van lives.

All FCJs currently living in Manila attended the prayer as well as Sr Judith Routier FCJ, our province leader, several FCJs who came to represent our province of Asia-Australia and Mrs Pat Fitzgerald who was representing our Companions in Mission. Other special guests at this prayer included VanVan makes her final profession.members of Van-van’s family and a few family friends as well as the four Myanmarese students the FCJs are sponsoring and several friends of the FCJ sisters in Manila.

The prayer was both joyful and moving. It was particularly moving when Van-van asked a blessing of all those present.

After the prayer we enjoyed a lovely home cooked meal and the opportunity to spend time with our guests.

The vow ceremony took place at 2pm on 14th April in the chapel of “Los Desposorios”, Panay Avenue. The congregation was made up of Van-van’s family FCJ sisters, FCJ Companions in Mission, members of the FCJ MAGiS group, colleagues and co-workers of FCJs, FCJ Center staff and scholars (young people whose education is being sponsored by the FCJs), parishioners and other friends of the FCJ sisters.

FCJ Sisters gathered for VanVan's profession with VanVan.Just after 2pm the choir began to sing beautifully “Sing to the Mountains” and the Mass began. The sense of celebration was tangible and the atmosphere was truly joyful. Everyone who attended the Mass was included in the celebration by the main celebrant, Fr Hartono Budi SJ. It was lovely that he made Van-van’s family and friends especially welcome.

During the sermon Fr Hartono described Van-van’s vows as a witness to faithfulness and to the Risen Jesus. He reminded us all of the need to encounter, recognize, know and love the Risen Jesus so that we can be sent out to continue his mission in his name.

When it came to the moment when Van-van made her vows she stood forward and spoke with deep conviction.

After signing the vow register on the altar Van-van was welcomed into full membership of the FCJ Society before being greeted by the FCJs. FCJ Companions in Mission with VanVan.The FCJs then stood to sing their traditional hymn of praise “Magnificat.”

Following the Mass we all walked to a small nearby restaurant for a delicious meal. Van-van was able to meet each person individually and to thank them for coming to the vow ceremony. She gave each person a bookmark in memory of the day.

Later that afternoon the FCJs gathered once more with Van-van’s family to enjoy a few quiet hours together and to be with Van-van as she opened her cards and read the greetings sent by FCJs from all over the world. As we closed the day we sang “Magnificat” once more and gave thanks for a beautiful and graced-filled day of

Nuestra pequeña Sociedad tiene como fin
     glorificar el corazón de Jesús
           por todos los medios a su alcance…     (Marie Madeleine)