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Final Profession of Vows - Fransisca Arti Setiati (Sisca) fcJ

Sisca makes her final profession.Melbourne, Australia - 3rd January 2012

On the evening of January 2nd, we had a beautiful thanksgiving prayer on the eve of Sisca’s final vows. Fifty of us FCJ Sisters gathered in Melbourne joined Sisca in prayer as we gave thanks for her life and vocation. Each member of the Province anointed her with fragrant oil and said a prayer for her.

Sr. Judith fcJ, provincial leader, receives Sisca's vows.The next afternoon Sisca made her final profession of vows in a deeplymoving ceremony. All the FCJs in our Province were there as well as our Companions in Mission and many friends from Melbourne and even further afield. The ceremony was beautiful and very joyful.

Sisca has vowed to be an FCJ for life. As we celebrated this defining moment in Sisca's life, we were reminded of our own vows and encouraged to live our FCJ lives with even more enthusiasma and joy.

(Ann Rennie, CiM, writes in the 'CathBlog' section of 'CathNews': Recently I attended a special Mass of perpetual profession. A courageous young woman was making an apostolic commitment, taking on an open-ended mission, venturing out, daring to take on the risks and rewards of a life lived with sacred intention. Read more of her article.)

Thanksgiving Celebration For Sisca’s Final Vows - April 9th 2012

Sisca fcj with her family.There was great rejoicing at Soropadan community on April 9th 2012, as we gathered to celebrate in thanksgiving for my final vows. My family who live in Yogyakarta, Jakarta and Padang, West Sumatra were able to come and
celebrate with us. Before the Thanksgiving Mass began, we watched some photos of my final vow ceremony in Melbourne; that was the occasion we were remembering and celebrating in our gathering that day.

After the Mass, we had a lovely lunch together with Indonesian food on the menu. Under the direction of Tyas (novice fcJ) and Hartini fcJ my nieces and nephews enjoyed a lot of fun-filled activities, such as hunting Easter eggs in Soropadan garden! It was a joyous day and our hearts were filled with love and thanksgiving. I would like to
convey my gratitude to our companions in Soropadan and Baciro community for hosting such a wonderful occasion.

Nuestra pequeña Sociedad tiene como fin
     glorificar el corazón de Jesús
           por todos los medios a su alcance…     (Marie Madeleine)