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The Singh Twins: Past Pupils of Holt Hill FCJ are Internationally Acclaimed Artists

Photo of the Singh twins working on a painting. Amrit and Rabindra Singhare are internationally acclaimed artists. Both were pupils at Holt Hill Convent FCJ, Birkenhead, England and have fond memories of their school days.

The twins visited India for the first time in 1980 and became  fascinated  by the Indian miniature painting tradition - not least because of the exquisite detail, technical skill and breathtaking level of perfection displayed by this traditional art form.  Amrit and Rabindra gradually  adopted this art form recognising in it a style where rich narrative and symbolism transcen cultural and historical barriers.

The Singh twins work is acknowledged as constituting a unique genre in British Art and as the initiation of a new movement in the revival of the Indian miniature tradition within modern art practice.  Amrit and Rabindra describe their work as Past - Modern (as opposed to Post Modern), as it  engages with important areas of critical debate - challenging existing stereotypes and redefining generally accepted, narrow perceptions of heritage and identity in art and society.

Amrit and Rabindra work together on their paintings and have exhibited internationally. They  are delighted to have their work acknowledged on this site  and one day hope to create a video of their FCJ Alma Mater.

You can link to their website here.

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