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Two interesting sites provide historical FCJ images!
Evacuation of Newlands FCJ to Malton 1939 - 1940

Photo of CiMs with FCJ Sisters on the formation team.Early in the Second World War, many schools in England were evacuated to places that were considered safer.

The Newlands Convent FCJ, Middlesbrough (also known as St Mary's Convent FCJ) was evacuated to Malton in Yorkshire. The following links lead to some rather interesting film clips.  They show some of the evacuees from Newlands at Malton in 1939 and 1940. 

The clips are:

Yorkshire Film Archives: Malton Evacuees

Films from the Home Front: Malton Evacuees

Sr Lucy Sacco fcJ was there as was Rose, her sister.  Lucy remembers the activities shown in the film very clearly.

There is also an interesting shot of Mother Monica Pendergast FCJ on the station at Malton as the girls waited for the train to take them home for Christmas.

Mother Monica shows up at 7.21 minutes into the first clip, as well as a young Kitty Diamond, the history teacher who in later years wrote the history of the Newlands Convent.

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