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Finding a Voice ... an article by Teresa White fcJ

Sr. Teresa White recently published an article titled 'Finding a Voice' in the Dominican Publications magazine 'Spirituality'. (Current issue: November/December 2010). Two quotes from the article read:

Whatever is true of birds and their songs, the message that comes to me is that each one of us has an individual and deeply personal voice. So I pass it on to anyone who may be listening: find your own voice, and use it. Sing your own Music clef and It is yours, whether you think it beautiful or not, and it is irreplaceable. Your voice, sometimes interesting, sometimes banal, sometimes sad, sometimes comical, easy on the ear or harsh or hoarse, needs to be heard.

Is it the words that make a song, or is it the melody? And what is it that brings about the transformation of prayer into song? Somebody once said that it is the melody of a song which makes the words 'fly'. There is much truth in that. Yet in prayer it is not the words alone, not the melody alone, nor even the poetic combination of the two as the words 'take flight' in song. In fact there may be neither words nor melody, although these two things may well prepare the ground for the experience of singing a new song to the Lord. All that is needed is a sigh, a silent plea, a longing, that comes straight from the heart and, with or without words, calls out to God.

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