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A Welcoming Face for Refugees in Need: Call to Service
An article in The Catholic Register profiling Sr. Lois Anne Bordowitz fcJ — October 6, 2010

Photo of Lois Anne fcJ.We were proud to see Sr. Lois Anne Bordowitz featured in the October 6, 2010, issue of The Catholic Register, published in Toronto, Canada.

The article, written by Sheila Dabu Nonato, paid tribute to Lois Anne's ministry at the FCJ Refugee Centre in Toronto. The Centre assists people with refugee applications, providing advice, counsel, support, translation services and immigration lawyer referrals.

In addition Lois advocates on behalf of those who are at risk due to their immigration status. Lois said that newcomers from Africa feel they can relate to her when they hear her share some of her experiences in Sierra Leone.

She recalls that despite tragic stories, there are many accounts of resilience and success from former refugees that underscore the importance of continuing to advocate on behalf of refugees and those who are marginalized.

Lois Anne is quoted as saying: “We are trying to be women of outrageous hope ... to be the gentle face of God to the world, to those who are marginalized and suffering...”

Read the full article here.

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