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'A Victory for Commonsense' - Sr. Christine Frost fcJ

Photo of Sr. Christine.Sr. Christine Frost lives on a council run estate in East London. She was recently in the news for defending the rights of the residents of the estate to have doormats, washing lines, childrens'bicycles!

The Claims Connection Law Blog says:

"The Irish-born nun, who lives in the area added: "To focus on this ridiculous thing about washing lines and doormats is quite stupid when there is anti-social yob behaviour they should be dealing with.

"We couldn’t agree more Sister Christine."

"The council have agreed to review their health & safety policy and will be replacing the doormats and other objects as soon as possible."

The first article describing these events in Tower Hamlets appeared in the London Telegraph and was subsequently picked up by many blogs and news outlets, including the Catholic Herald and the The Quirky Globe, whose purpose is expresses as sharing "Strange, unusual, lighthearted and humourous news from around the world".

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