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Pesan-pesan terbaru ... 2015

I have known one of the FCJ Sisters, whose name is Sr. Marguerite Goddard. I met her in 1986 when I studied at UMIST in Manchester, UK. After she moved to Argentina, she had a good time to visit Yogyakarta. My family and I met her there and then I took her visiting Borobudur Temple, one of ten well-known remains in the world. My family and I miss her very much. Therefore. I would be very happy if you are able to inform me where is the place of living of Sr. Marguerite. Thank you so much, God bless you. (We have sent Sr. Marguerite your information and asked her to be in touch.)
T. Haryono. Electrical Engineering Department, Universitas Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

In researching this site, I will offer some prayers for the Sisters, FCJ. I thank you for your work throughout the years and I am confident that you will persevere to help and serve people. God Bless You All!!
Brian G. Abdallah Somerset, Massachusetts

It is with sadness that I received a letter from the niece of Theresa Sterling on Monday to say that Theresa died on 29 December after having been ill for a while, and her funeral is now in Kenilworth on Thursday 15 January at 11am. Before the Vatican Council, Theresa Sterling was Mother Mary. She then became Sr Theresa, and she taught me Geography from the start at St Victoire’s Convent School in Hackney, and then became head teacher. She also oversaw a very difficult amalgamation between our school and the Cardinal Griffin school in Poplar. Some years later Theresa went to Pole’s Convent, Ware to live, and then it seems she left the Order, and went to live in the Midlands. She got married and became Theresa Watson, but it never stopped her from visiting the sisters each year in Poplar at Pope John House, and to continue a lifelong friendship with Sr Helen from the time they were in Gumley together in the novitiate. As far as I know Helen is still there in Poplar, but I have now moved away from London to Yorkshire and am a bit out of touch. A wonderful lady!
Una Barry


Sent from my iPad; warm greets from trinidad to all gumleyites.... i attended 1960-1966 and would love to correspond with other gumleyites... ive tried unsuccessfully. to date, to locate my best friend elizabeth poyser... anyone know her? LOL (My email)
Diana McIntyre

Hi, I'm Lucy Mendoza from San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines. My sister (Jill) and I have been trying to locate and contact Sr. Mary Fitzpatrick but to no avail. We are her friends from De La Salle University and we miss her so much. I hope you can help us. Thank you so much. God is great! (We have sent your email address to Sr. Mary.)
Lucy Mendoza, Philippines

Aku berharap suatu saat hari nanti bisa bergabung dan menjadi murid Kristus... Yg mau mempersembahkan diri seutuhnya hanya kpd Tuhan dan sesama... Menyatakan cinta Tuhan dlm panggilan. (I hope that one day I will be able to join you and become a disciple of Christ who wants to give her whole self to God and others.  I want to express my love for God through my vocation.)
Imelleilei Tumbelaka

I attended St. Margaret's in Paisley from 1965 to 1971. It made an indelible impression on my life. Sr. Rita and Sr. Madeleine were so excited by the changes made possible by Vatican II and I remember how they brought that to us in the classroom as young women. I presently work at a Jesuit university in California and I realize how the FCJ sisters embodied the Ignatian principles of educating the whole person and of finding one's vocation. It was an unforgettable time and I treasure the memories.
Elspeth (Bradley) Rossetti

Hi. My name is Anne Brooks (formally Sayers) and I have recently retired as a lecturer from New College Durham.
I was educated at Upton Hall Convent  on the Wirral and then went on to Newcastle University and have lived and brought up my family in the North East since then (1970 onwards)
My headmistress while at school was Sister Agnes ( Long) and I would love to have news of and possibly get in touch with her as I know she was in Middlesbrough after returning from Sierra Leone.
i have been back in touch with other ex students of hers, Christine Wrigley and Alison Duguid and our collective memory is that we were pretty horrible and rebellious teenage girls guided gently but firmly by Sister Agnes!
any information would  be very  much appreciated. Very kind regards
Anne Brooks (former FCJ pupil)

I was lucky enough to gain a place through the entrance exam to The Hollies FCJ Convent Grammar School. This wonderful school laid the foundations of my life and I can never thank enough the staff, fellow girls and Sister Victoire for the outlook on life I was given. I am still in touch with a few classmates - I was in the 'b' classes, 1b,2b etc. Sadly my identical twin Geraldine died in 2008 . We confused plenty of teachers and pupils! We were also introduced to music through school. Mr Arnfield, husband of Mrs Arnfield one of our teachers at primary school, headed the music department. I learned the guitar with Sean Munster and the oboe with Mr Jones. Gerry had Mr Evans for violin. We eventually both made careers from music and I thank the Hollies every day for opening up this door for us. I am still in touch with Sean and even play with him from time to time here in The Lake District where I now live. Helen Blinkhorn, Alison Dean, Gabrielle Gough and Sister Rosemary are all still in touch. I went to Sedgley Park after The Hollies and was in almost the last cohort to qualify before it finally was taken over completely and became a Police Training School. Just wanted to say hello and thank you for happy memories of a happy childhood and happy and successful teenage years.
Fiona Hanlon ( nee Doyle)

I forgot to add that I am living in the Cayman Islands where I have been teaching since 1976 and    although, having retired officially, I still tutor Maths after school. I just discovered last year that one of my colleagues was a Gumley student!

I was at St Aloysius' convent from 1950 to 1958. It was a wonderful experience and as I spent 3yrs in the 6th form, I became very familiar with two year groups at the school. I loved the nuns and our other teachers. We were given a first -class education and the plays and Gilbert and Sullivan's at the end of each school year were always a high point. Does anyone remember the marvellous production of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' with those wonderful madrigals enhancing each scene? We were also very fortunate to have the chapel.
Anita Wheaton(Née Donovan)

I was lucky to have been a pupil at St Margaret's Convent in Paisley, from '62 - '75. Very, very fond memories of my time in the primary dept., summer dresses, sandals, Panama hats, white gloves, and processions through the Convent grounds in May, singing what remain my favourite hymns. Happy times.
Jill Tracey

Sister Christine ... Keep up the good work and God bless you. Your are in my prayers. Peter Hull.
Peter Hull

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