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Hartini fcJ renews her Vows in Ende, Indonesia
10 April 2014

Thursday 10 April 2014 was a lovely day for Hartini and for us in Ende. That day she renewed her vows which were received by Marion Dooley in the presence of Fr. Ambrosius who was the priest presider.

In preparation for her renewal of vows Marion accompanied Hartini in her retrea.  We thank God for her “yes” once again to follow Jesus as His faithful companion.

Picture left: Meita, Lina (postulant), Hartini, Sr. Kondo SMCJ, Beta.
                                                                                 Picture right: Sr. Kondo SMCJ, Marion, Hartini, Fr. Ambrosius, Beta

Photo 1.  Photo 2.

Congratulations Agnes and Yustin!
May you be a Gospel witness wherever you are in your future ministry.

Unsere kleine Gemeinschaft hat das Ziel,
      mit allen Mitteln ihrer Macht
           das Herz Jesus zu ehren ...     (Marie Madeleine)