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Rehabilitación en Solidaridad: Para una mejor calidad de vida —
Centro de Atención Multiple Martin de Porres

    Photo taken at the Inauguration.
The new Centro de Atención Multiple Martin de Porres opened April 5, 2011

Pictures from the Inauguration.

Pictures from the Inauguration.

These activities for children with disabilities and learning difficulties are intended for the most needy families, for the large number who cannot go to other places and they aim to give the children a better quality of life.

The project has had the aid of the NGO 'Sembrando Esperanza'. As well, all the professionals who work in this project are volunteers. Sister Stephanie, Faithful Companion of Jesus, a strong participant in the project, was killed in December 2010 in a traffic accident on 'avenida Circunvalación'.  

(Read more from 'El Tribuno', April 17th, in Spanish, 'Para una mejor calidad de vida'.)

Unsere kleine Gemeinschaft hat das Ziel,
      mit allen Mitteln ihrer Macht
           das Herz Jesus zu ehren ...     (Marie Madeleine)