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Water of Life
By Christine Anderson fcJ

water – drop,  stream,  torrent,  sea
source of new life
invented –no
gifted – yes
unappreciated – often


the day dawns,
the dew does not come,
the rain refuses to fall
the fields remain arid.

dry, dusty, scorched earth
rich equal with the poor
in this new planet
melting, eroding, confusing, straining

and we
pleading, renewing, recycling
too late?

streams of living water
flowing, dancing
surging in the depths of hearts
graced streams of life
thirsting for God,
the god of life sustaining
renewing, refreshing
new life searching.


The World is Thirsting
By Anouska Robinson-Biggin, fcJ

In spite of our differences, seen or unseen
Nothing divides us more than our fear,
The world is thirsting to know more, yet
Each one says the other should try first.  Let’s
Risk all, have courage, reach out and respond to this,
our world’s thirst

Religions are different is that so bad?
Each developed from the one there before
Learning from ways people had gone astray, when
Individualism meant more than the law.
Greed and superiority were the downfall of some
In others, uniting the two,
Of all the religions God’s given to the world
Understanding begins with ‘hello’.
So let’s get talking, let’s

Dare to be first,
In stepping out to the other,
Always ready to listen, to
Learn and to reach to those God calls our sisters and brothers.
One is no better than any other
God is beyond our limited minds.  Let us
Unpack our prejudices and walk into the future
Each one opening their hearts and their minds.


By Anouska Robinson-Biggin, fcJ

Just three little letters, yet they mean so much
whether heard to the north, south, east or west.
So why do these letters cause problems for us
when in truth they are all about love?

Our histories are shared, though our names may be different
Christians, Muslims or Jews.
Our roots are entwined and our teachings enshrined
in our creation, the laws and the prophets.

So what is the problem in listening to people
whose faith is different from ours?
Or is it we listen but struggle to hear
with our ears and rarely our hearts?

Our world is thirsting for truth and justice
and though different we all have our way,
of living the message explained through the prophets
and helping each other day by day.

Why live divided by walls built of silence
when we’ve been given the gift of our speech?
Let’s speak to each other as sister or brother
and celebrate what we live, all and each.

Our world is thirsting to know more of God,
Yet religions don’t always give the best witness.
We fight to defend what we call our faith
with words and actions – both of which can be violent.

Our divisions and squabbles, our mistrust and rumours
don’t encourage others to join us.
Let’s end the fighting, let’s talk and build bridges
and show the love of the God we call ‘ours’?

We all have a message of truth and salvation
in whatever way it is written.
Let’s build a new future, quenching thirsts of sister and brother,
passing on the love we’ve been given.


By Gloria Calabrese, fcJ

Delicate splendour,
Intricate beauty,
Hung with drops of moisture
In the misty Autumn night.

Forget arachnophobia
As you scuttle to the bus stop—
Nature's Christmas decorations
Are all draped for your delight.

Glorious spider's web.


My Name is Magdalen
By Jane Galvin FCJ

My name is Magdalen
a woman in love
We met in a clear
consoling light that
changed everything .
My Beloved stole my heart,
his will became mine.

My name is Magdalen
a woman surprised
into companioning
Jesus for others.
with gentleness
and poverty
graciously received
from my companion

My name is Magdalen
a woman on mission
in community with
women who find God
in every life event
in every
place, in every tear
that’s shed
and laugh heard.

My name is Magdalen


On Earth as in Heaven
Christ’s thirst for us to be united with each other worldwide and with God
By Rachel Duffy, fcJ

Nationality is a garment.
Might it slip and drop to the sand?
Might we gently step out of it
And, feet bare, hand in hand,
Run joyously to the sea
And let that boundlessness
Carry us beyond?

Language is a connecting wall.
From the other side
Someone is eagerly tapping.
Might some welcome earthquake
Dissolve that barrier
And let me grasp your hand, my sister,
And see your face?

Time is the Beloved of Eternity.
Betrothed and promised;
Waiting and yearning.
Might these two lovers, even now,
Exchange a kiss
In the night of faith?


Thirsting Humanity
By Marguerite Goddard, fcj

Thirsting humanity,
ever seeking
God´s living water.
God, Holy Trinity
thirsting for,desiring
the transformation
of humanity
to a fountain
of compassionate love
La humanidad sedienta,
siempre buscando
el agua viviente de Díos.
Díos, Santísma Trinidad,
anhelando, deseando,
la transformación
de la humanidad
hacia una fuente
de amor compasivo.


I Am With You Always
By Clare Hand fcJ

Marie Madeleine embracing the world
Felt it pierced, pained, parched,
A searing, needy thirst…raging, raging, raging,
And she wept, desiring to soothe and slake.

A quiet smile told of consolation,
In feeling her spirit alive in others,
Quenching thirst in many places,
“I am with you always.”


Five Haiku
By Mary Campion McCarren fcJ

For the earth
stripped, poisoned, burnt
tough, hardy, resilient
given half a chance
For children
downcast, dull, deprived,
Mammy and Papa both gone;
lonely, empty, sad
For women
we, wretched forlorn,
dried up, dried out, despondent
hoping against hope…
For women / fields
parched and desolate
dry, bone dry, deserted and barren
what hope do we have?
  For children
forlorn, wretched, sad
buoyant, upbeat, optimistic
miracle of love


I have been thirsting all my short life
By Mary Murphy fcJ

I’m  nobody’s child! Nobody’s child.
Why? Why does no-one pick me up ?
I want the milk of human kindness for my two-year old heart.

I’m ten now. I don’t want the Coca Cola you give me ..nor the toys in shoeboxes.
I don’t want  to  smile for the camera and look joyful just because it’s Christmas.
I long to belong, to know where I come from, to whom I am connected.

Still nobody’s child .and I’m seventeen.
I’ve tasted life now and it wasn’t always good.
Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Rome and London.
Sold on the open market  and labelled “discarded goods, reasonably  priced”
Vodka doesn’t quench my thirst. It just dulls the pain.

I’ve heard of the Samaritan Woman who found a Well.
I wonder if I will ever find one,
I who have been thirsting all my life.
I wonder if there is such a place  in Europe ;
You see, I, too long for that living water.


La larme de Dieu
par Claire Thedrez, nov. fcJ

R/     La larme de Dieu sur notre terre
Offre la vie à celui qui la boit
La larme de Dieu sur notre terre
Remplit nos cœurs de la soif de Dieu

J’ai entendu le cri des enfants de la terre
Leurs soifs immenses qui montaient vers moi
Et pour répondre à leurs attentes
J’ai fait lever sur leur route
Des âmes emplies d’espérance
Et témoins de mon amour immense.   R/

Compagnons du Christ fidèle
Sur les chemins de partage et d’unité
Dans la douceur et l’humilité du cœur
Nous avançons pour répondre à l’appel
De la larme de Dieu puissance d’amour.        R/

La terre crie sa douleur
D’être malmenée sans cesse
Par l’homme inconscient
La terre a soif de sagesse
Qui la comblera ?
Qui répondra à ses attentes ?  R/

L’enfant crie d’amertume
Devant les manques d’ouverture
Devant les peurs qui s’installent
Devant les mots qui surgissent
Qui comblera sa soif d’apprendre ?
Qui lui offrira l’oiseau lyre ?   R/

Qui ouvrira la porte aux cœurs assoiffés ?
Qui offrira la vie aux âmes démunies ?
Qui écoutera l’homme qui appelle ?
Qui refleurira les terres arides ?
Qui sera là pour l’autre ?
Qui ouvrira à la source de l’eau vive ?            R/

Je viens vous chercher là où sont vos soifs
Dans vos déserts arides
Dans vos recherches d’absolu
Dans vos carcans sociaux
Là où vous semblez vous perdre
Je vous conduis à l’amour.      R/

Par le chemin de l’eau vive
Qui s’écoule de mon côté droit
Vers la Croix rédemptrice des péchés
Je porte vos misères
Et vous ouvre les yeux
Sur vos soifs éphémères
Que je puis étancher indéfiniment.     R/

Écoutes le chant de l’oiseau
Il te dit les mots de ta soif
Entends sa ritournelle
Qui monte des profondeurs de ton être
Ce désert aride en quête d’eau
Appelle sans fin vers la source d’eau vive.     R/

« Telle Marie-Madeleine abandonnée en ta main douce et ferme. »

Le rouleau don de vie

Telle la fleur ouverte
Tendue dans sa soif
Qui crie son manque
Notre monde hurle sa soif
De justice et d’amour
Notre terre crie sa peur
Devant nos dévastations
De haine et d’incompréhensions
Qui se lèvera pour étancher leurs soifs ?

Tels les pétales en attente
Exprimant leur soif d’amour
L’enfant expose son amertume
De ne pas pouvoir apprendre
Il a soif de culture et d’échange
De paix et d’enseignement
Mais la guerre ravage son école
Détruit les vies prêtes à éclore
Qui leur ouvrira la porte pour étancher leur soifs ?

Des soleils se lèvent aujourd’hui encore
Ils écoutent en leur cœur
La chanson du bonheur
Et tels des porteurs de vie nouvelle
Sur les chemins ouverts de notre terre
Ils s’offrent à pleines mains
A notre monde en détresse
Soulageant les petites soifs
De leur présence active

L’amour est le cœur de leur vie
Chanson du printemps de l’eau vive
Offert dans une vibrante tendresse
A celui qui écoute le secret de son onde.


By Elizabeth Von Leven, fcJ (RIP)

I would go from this sight
of the figure on a beam cross,
black battered limbs
eternally stretched in aching abandon,
bathed in bruises, clotted blood matting his hair
and the dirt streaked muscles
jerking in time to the twitch
of his open mouth.
I look with disgust
on parched lips, saliva dry,
and the bloody, hideous face.
Rather, a bottomless fear.
I have no strength to walk
beside this death mask,
I, who have chosen to be his companion
in the joys and sufferings of a lifetime.
Reverberating echo,
deep agony cries to the stormy skies;
clouds melt and mingle in silver tangles;
black-birthed darkness hides
his red death cries, tormenting sighs,
among the lavender.


By Elizabeth Von Leven, fcJ (RIP)

Faithful Companion of Jesus.
What a grace!
Marie Madeleine humble, loved,
hid her face
“I thirst” he cried,
for you, for me,
for all whose pain
biting into a heart of stone,
stretches across the centuries.
Parched and dry as they may be,
they will know
the pent up yearning
of the living Christ
thirsting for love.


By Elizabeth Von Leven, fcJ (RIP)

God calls – a whisper
A fleeting thought,
A gentle breeze,
A bugle in the wind,
A loving squeeze,
a hug,
Light thistle down
Floating through the mind
And touching deep down
Core of emptying -
A moment of grace
Drawing us onward.
No sense to resist
For God hunts
the loved one,
Never insists
Thirsts when we thirst,
Hungers when we hunger,
Always when we hunger,
Always with us,
Always, all ways,
our life pathway,
And conquers.


To have this Name, Faithful Companion of Jesus,
          I would give everything,
                    all that I am ...     (Marie Madeleine)