Section title text:  Our Spirit.

Resources on Marie Madeleine and the Spirit of the Society

Marie Madeleine Newsletters published three times a year — March, May and September


Marie Madeleine's Facebook Page

A kaleidoscope of Memories from September 2012 when the mortal remains of Marie Madeleine d'Houët were returned to France. Also, read the Homily of Bishop Éric de Moulins-Beaufort.

CELEBRATING Venerable MARIE MADELEINE D'HouetAn 8 page news sheet produced to honour the 40th Anniversary of the fact that on November 19 1970 Pope Paul VI signed the declaration that Marie Madeleine Victoire de Bonnault d'Houët, had lived a life of heroic virtue. In this 40th Anniversary year we celebrate with joy this holy woman's contribution to the life of our world and Church.

Link to Faithful Companions of Jesus:  The Story Goes On. Faithful Companions of Jesus … The Story Goes on …

Link to booklet: One Woman's Life, Many Women's Stories.One Woman’s Life … Many Women’s Stories …

Link to : Life of Marie Madeleine (in cartoon format).Life of Marie Madeleine (in cartoon format)

Link to: Gigi (a life of Marie Madeleine suitable for younger children).Gigi (a life of Marie Madeleine suitable for younger children)

Page from slide show.

A slide show of a life of Marie Madeleine using artwork by Mme Jordaine (Switzerland)

(You may need to click on the page to view the next slide.)

Gigi a song by Alexandra Valmorbida    Listen to the Song!    Download the lyrics in MS Word or in Acrobat

Link to paintings by Rosemary Yelland OP.Paintings taken from the life of Marie Madeleine by Rosemary Yelland, OP

MARIE MADELEINE AS I KNEW HER … a reflection by Mary Bresnihan, fcJ

FCJ Slideshow based on Quotes from Marie Madeleine ... prepared by Jonathan Leach, chaplain at Bellerive FCJ for use during the week preceding April 5.


WHY SAINTS?   ... a reflection by Teresa White fcJ

MARIE MADELEINE – REDEFINING MIRACLES ... a reflection by Clare Hand, fcJ

BUILDING COMMUNITY and ORGANIZATIONAL LEARNING across CULTURES ... a paper presented at the 3rd SOL Global Forum by Christine Anderson, fcJ and Veronika Schreiner, fcJ in which they use the FCJ Society as an example of a cross-cultural community.

REMOVE OUR SHOES ... by Teresa White fcJ ... surprised by the new cosmology!


In the Footsteps of Our Lord Jesus Christ: Women Religious in the Ignatian Tradition ...
                                                                                           by Mary Campion McCarren fcJ

Manresa and Saint Ignatius of Loyola.

Manresa and Saint Ignatius of Loyola by Joan Segarra Pijuan, SJ

(A copy of this book is in the Gumley House Convent Generalate Library. It is reproduced on our website with the permission of the author.)

Sacred Space - resources for prayer in the Ignatian tradition - an internet site by Bob Gilroy SJ that uses paintings to display a way to pray
                      in a creative manner; there is also online retreat based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius.

Let us ask Our Lord to give us the spirit of the Society of Jesus;
        since we have its Constitutions, it is God's will
                    that we should have its spirit.     (Marie Madeleine)