Section title text:  Our Spirit.


Cover of our 2003 Chapter Mandate.


This is what our God,
gazing in compassion on our world’,
asks of us,
only this ...

... to be captivated by Jesus and his mission
... to live our identity as Faithful Companions of Jesus
                                                                with enthusiasm
... to choose life
(1) Spiritual Exercises, 106


...To be captivated by Jesus and his mission

We commit ourselves corporately and personally
to live radically the mission of Jesus.
True to our name, we offer our lives to God
as we respond to the urgent groaning of all creation.

Indonesian Images of women gathering water, this one with white background.We will:

✧ Insert ourselves more consciously in the world’s pain and poverty, risking conversion

✧ Engage in a Society-wide reflection on the theology of mission and the vows

✧ Live and share our Ignatian spirituality revealing the wisdom of the feminine

✧ Reverence creation in Christ and live justly


...To live our identity as Faithful Companions of Jesus with enthusiasm

We acknowledge the centrality of companionship in our lives
and recognize the vital need for its witness in today’s world.
We commit ourselves to living our companionship wholeheartedly and with joy.

Image of women gathering water, this one with pink background.We will:

✧ Witness to the value of companionship and community-building in a world where alienation and individualism exist alongside hunger for relationship

✧ Develop fresh skills for our community living to animate and sustain us in furthering the mission of Jesus

✧ Invest time, among ourselves and with others, to reflect on our lived experience in the light of the Gospel

✧ Embrace our internationality and cultural diversity with their implications


... To choose life

Recognizing the urgency of the mission of Jesus,
we commit ourselves to choose life and live it to the full.

Image of women gathering water, this one with blue background.We will:

✧ Dedicate time, prayer, energy and resources to seek and invite new members

✧ Work towards appropriate inclusion of our Companions in Mission

✧ Let go of those attitudes and behaviours that do not give life to our corporate mission

✧ Be ready to leave ministries and places when this is discerned to be for the greater good

Let us ask Our Lord to give us the spirit of the Society of Jesus;
        since we have its Constitutions, it is God's will
                    that we should have its spirit.     (Marie Madeleine)