Section title text:  Our Spirit.

2008 Calendar


Drop of God

'Drop of Water' Painting.This painting depicts a ‘drop of God’ falling from the heavens.  This symbolic drop of water reflects the ‘I thirst’ of Jesus and its inspiration  for Marie Madeleine.

To the right of the painting we see the  ‘ tree of life’  with water flowing from its right side …this is the source of ’Living Water’….

Within the drop of water is reflected a woman, who drinks deeply from the well of her own being.  She is wearing a cloak whose very fibres are the map of our world…she is every woman!  Water springs up deep within her being and gifts her with ‘eternal life’.  

As she drinks, earth and heaven embrace and the presence of God’s Holy Spirit is symbolised by the white foam.

The rainbow of hope refracted in the flowing water is reflected within the depth of the well.  At the centre of the well we see a heart, symbolic of the source of unconditional love.

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Let us ask Our Lord to give us the spirit of the Society of Jesus;
        since we have its Constitutions, it is God's will
                    that we should have its spirit.     (Marie Madeleine)