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Artificial intelligence arrives at the University of Salta!
El Tribuno, Salta, Argentina - October 7 2014

An article appeared last year in El Tribuno, Salta, Argentina, about Alicia Pérez teaching robotics at the Catholic University of Salta. As part of the workshop experience ‘Roby’, a modest vacuuming robot was reprogrammed with the capacity to move straight, to avoid objects and to transmit images via a small web camera to a computer following its movements.

Alicia fcJ and her co-workers, the robot that is being programmed.

The newspaper reporter seems puzzled as to “how a woman of faith with a strong social commitment to the disadvantaged [could be] interested in a world apparently as cold and rational as robotics? With a smile and great ease Alicia clarifies that “the search for truth cannot remain outside the faith”. Alicia makes her social work in a disadvantaged area, Barrio Solidaridad, in the southeast of the city, where she teaches adult catechesis and where she also resides.”

You can read the whole article in Spanish (followed by an English translation) here.

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