PESAN-PESAN TAHUN ... 1999—2000

Surfed on in and really enjoyed the design and info on your site. Check this out! http://www.rndm.org/ Peace...
Sr. Tara (Religious sister of Our Lady of the Missions)

My name is Margaret McDowall I was educated by the FCJ from 1946 - 1957 at St Margaret's Convent in PAISLEY Scotland. My name then was Margaret MacKay and I lived in Neilston Road in Paisley. I often wonder if there are any St Margaret girls out there who may have known me. I have very fond memories of St Margaret's and felt that the education I had stood my in good stead for the life I now lead. I now live in Chatham, Kent, England and have met two other 'old girls'; one who lives in Staplehurst, just outside of Maidstone, called Vera Gibson, and a classmate of mine, Gillian Ellis, who is a Headteacher at an Independent Girls' School in London. Can any one tell me where Mother Mary Francis who came from Paisley and taught for a while at St. Margaret's is? Her favourite tune, or maybe it was the only one she could play, was the Irish Washerwoman. Do .
Margaret McDowall (Chatham, Kent, England)

I really enjoyed reading the Web Page. I was at school at the Hollies, Manchester, (England) from 1969 - 1976. I am very grateful to them for the influence of the FCJs in my life. It was so good to read all their news.
Anne Lee (Sisters of Sion, Jerusalem)

What a wonderful website. I have many, many happy memories of my school days at Poles, England (1967-1971); they really were the happiest times and I would particularly like to say hello to anyone who took care of me during that time. With the fondest regards.
Judy Shinnick (Nolan)

Hi! My name is Sarah Ashworth. I attend Upton Hall Convent FCJ school in the North West of England and can I just say how proud I am to be a part of this wonderful organisation. The work that the FCJ Sisters do is outstanding! I have been brought up Christian and going to Upton Hall has made me realise that there is so much I can do to help others. The FCJ sisters are such a good influence on me, I want to thank you.  Can I also ask a favour? I notice that many vistors to this website are foreign (to me!) and if they would like an e-pal, then they can write to me at . Thank you very much,
Sarah xx (I am 12)

I go to Upton Hall School on the Wirral (North West England). I am doing a project in school called 'This is Me Lord' and I have found this web-site very useful. Sister Catherine, our very own FCJ sister used to be my form teacher and she is always informing us about new things that happen to the FCJs. I am very glad the FCJs have a web-site, it is very useful.
Emma, Upton Hall School.

I am in touch with both Ann Huer and Sr. Maryrose Dennehy (currently in Indonesia). The former was at La Chassotte in Fribourg Switzerland with me in the late 1950s and the latter is a distant cousin and the reason for La Chassotte having been chosen for me in the first place, as Maryrose was teaching there at that time. I have fond memories of the girls who shared my schooling at La Chassotte and for the events that formed our school year. The ski-ing on Thursday afternoons and Sundays; the making of flower patterns on the pathways of the school garden to celebrate festivals of Our Lady; the fantastic cooking, particularly the cakes and cookies for festival days, trips to hear the Vienna Boys Choir or services in the Cathedral in Fribourg.  I should love to hear from others who remember me from those days, particularly Frances McGowan who went on to the French Lycee in London, as did I. I am currently living in England again after many years in Cape Town, South Africa. (Si vous ne parlez que le francais, je peux bien comprendre toujours, mais mon grammaire n'est pas si bien pour les reponses!) Please contact me through Ann Huer's web page on .

Very best wishes to you all - sisters, staff and ex-students.
Colette Baigrie (nee Muirhead), England

I found your page linking from "Peace for All". I am Catholic but I never heard about you and your work. Was great to "be" with you the last hour knowing the wonderful job you do and did. Thanks, the world need a lot of you!!!  Cuentan con mi afecto y mis oraciones....
Paula Rivera

I was intrigued to see a link to your site at the Peace for All site (http://www.Peaceforall.com) and warmed to read the text I found when I visited it. You sound like great people, and I wish you the best in your ministry of compassion and justice! A lifelong Protestant, I find at your site another reminder of the--as we would say in California--"good vibes" I can get from Catholics and Catholicism. Be well!
Gary Chartier (U.S.A.)

Hi, I enjoyed visiting your web site. I have the highest regard for the FCJs and your tremendous missionary spirit. I worked with your Sisters in Fitchburg, MA and have visited your works in Argentina and Bolivia. I recently visited Portsmouth, RI. May God Bless you all.
Fr. Tom Reilly, M.S. (Immaculate Conception Parish, Holyoke, MA, USA)

I recently found your website as I was searching for other information on an Order. I was thrilled beyond belief! I attended St. John's in Brussels in the mid-60's, when the school was still in Brussels. It was a very difficult transition for me as I came there from a small southern town. I often think of all of the wonderful people I met while I was there and wonder about them, specifically, Mother Mary John Shannon and her sister Diedre. Also many others whose names escape my memory at the moment as well as numerous friends. Sadly, I never did return to Belgium and I have lost contact with all of my classmates. I wish you all well and if you can pass along these greetings to any who were there at the same time as I, that would be great. With gratitude,
Beverly Welsh (USA)

My name is Nigel Swanson and I was a former student back in 1977-1978 just after the school (in Benalla, Victoria, Australia) turned co-ed. I shall be attending the Centenary celebrations at the end of October which I am very much looking forward to. Quite often I think about my days at the convent and if there would possibly be any of the old faces still there although in lots of ways I doubt it very much.  I now live in Sydney and have been since 1987 working for a large transport company as a computer technician.  It is good to see that the school is still so strong after 100 years of operation and those values have not been lost, which appear to be so much so in the world we live in today. I hope that in years to come I can still come back to your web site and see that your work is still being carried on by the generations to come. I look forward to the celebrations in October and hope to meet up with friends that I have not seen in over 20 years. Kind regards,
Nigel Swanson  (Sydney, Australia)

Your website was a welcome surprise to me. I graduated from St. Joseph's School in Fitchburg, Mass. in 1958 having been taught by FCJ sisters the whole eight years of grammar school there. It is good to know that the FCJ order is still active. God Bless You. 
Sandra Culp  (Florence, Oregon, USA)

Hallo, my name is Kathleen Smith, nee Asbery. I was at Gumley House Isleworth 1950 - 1955. It would be lovely to have news of friends from those years. I have much to be thankful for because of my time at Gumley. .
Kathleen Smith  (Isleworth, England)

I would very much like to contact any past pupils or Sisters who were at La Chassotte FCJ, Fribourg, Switzerland. I was there between 1959 and 1963. I now have a Web Page for La Chassotte and I have started to make some progress but I realise that not everyone is connected to the Internet.  If you know any 'Anciennes' then could you please pass on my web site address which is at the bottom of this e-mail. . My home address is: Old Forge Cottage, Marham Road, Fincham, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England, PE33 9ES.  I started my schooling at Gumley House, Isleworth way back in the 50's.   With very best wishes,
Anne Huer (nee Eyles)  (England)

I visited your Web Site and simply: it is terrific! That means a lot of work that you are doing and that is great. It looks very professional. Congratulations.  God bless.
Jesús Márquez (Canada)

I just came upon your web site and found it very enjoyable. I graduated in 1955 from St. Patrick's High School in Providence, R.I., US. If anyone reads this who graduated from there I would love to hear from you. ( ).  I am putting the site on my favorites list.
Carole Gibbons  (Venice, Florida)

I would like to say hello to Elizabeth Stern who attends Genazzano FCJ. In september of 1998 she came to stay in my house while herself and her friends travelled around on a sports tour. I am afraid that I lost her address so I could not keep in contact with her, but I heard about this web site and thought that I would just drop you all a line, way, way, over there! If you wouldn't mind, I would like if my letter was put on your visitors page as I would like the sisters that touched my school life and the public to know what wonderful work is done throughout the world by the FCJs. Yours sincerely,
Esther Walsh (Ireland)

I visited the site out of curiosity having been a pupil at one of your schools in the 1970's. I found my school days to be very fulfilling and happy which I am sure was, in part, due to the spirit and philosophy of the sisters. Carry on the good work sisters, so that many more girls can enjoy the lifelong benefit of your teachings.
Elizabeth Fogg

Dear Sisters, Having been associated with you for the past year or so I wanted to commend you for a website which reflects your commitment to the excellence you exhibit in all the other areas of your work that I have so far observed. Well done and cogratulations.
Frank van der Linden, UK.

I just viewed the FCJ web page and am delighted that we can share our charism with others in this way. The site tells our wonderful story in a very meaningful and honest manner. Blessings on all who had a hand in preparing the site, those who maintain it, and all those who will visit it.
Sr. Ann Marie Walsh, fcJ, USA

Congratulations on your new www site. I look forward to future developments, and will watch with interest. Two generations of Morans have been influenced by the FCJs at St. John's Cathedral, Salford, England, and through Sr. Carole I have met many of your sisters. God Bless.
Gerald P. Moran, England

It was wonderful to visit the FCJ website. I think the mandala acts beautifully to reflect the whole spirit of the Society -- colourful, vibrant, warm, welcoming and a whole world of stories all joining to become one. It is an experience that all visitors will be pleased to have and one which, I am sure, will lead to deeper contemplation and a curiosity to learn more and even become involved with this amazing Society.
Nikki Aerts, England

Dear FCJ Sisters, Congratulations on your webpage. It is marvellous. You have revealed so many aspects of your life as a Society centred around your charism mandala. I hope through these pages many will come to know and love you as I do and to understand and appreciate the wonders of who you are and what you do. Blessings,
Ruby Cribbin, USA

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