I attended Lark Hill House School Preston from 1950-1961 and during that time wrote to Annie Low in Singapore who also? attended an FCJ school, not too sure, but I obtained her name and address through the nuns at Preston. Does anyone know of her whereabouts please, I would love to hear from her again. Please me.
Jennifer Robinson (nee Pickering)

I  was so lucky to be educated (not just taught subjects on a curriculum) at Newlands Convent FCJ, in Middlesbrough, from 1956 to 62. The only fly in the ointment at the time was the headteacher, Mother Mary Monica - most girls were terrified of her & that cannot be a good thing.  On many an occasion, we saw her belittle pupils from the "wrong side of the tracks" so to speak or pupils who were very poor. She was eventually replaced by someone who treated all girls the same, regardless of their background. I still remember the wonderful smell of polish-litter was unheard of as was swearing, stealing or being unkind to another. The FCJ life was unlike any other-it was a family and so very painful to leave. I loved my days there and will always be grateful for what I was taught there, much of which I still remember. Schools these days cannot compare.  (
Joan Mctigue, England

Hai...apa kabar saya ingin tahu di mana alamat suster Afra fcj atau adakah no.telp yang dapat dihubungi? Saya Christiana teman lamanya. Sudah lama saya tidak bertemu. Atas pertolongannya saya ucapkan terima kasih.
Tolong balas ke email saya di atau ke no. hp saya 08122913615. Thanks. Best Regards,

Christiana Subekti

I attended Gumley House in Isleworth between 1979 and 1986. I loved my time at the school and never wanted to leave. I now live and work in Sydney Australia and have been blessed with three son's and a daughter, though sadly lost my daughter at three months old. I was searching for information on the FCJ order to tell my eldest son. His Catholic primary School is being officially opened tomorrow, as it has been rebuilt. This is a bIg day for this little school (only 40 years old) and is a big occasion for all of the local families, as there is a blessing from the Bishop. I have volunteered to look after the old nuns, most being Brigidine Sisters and I wanted to tell them about the wonderful FCJ nuns who taught me. I feel very emotional just looking through your and my old school's website. Very happy days.
Katie Ashford (Nee Norris), St.Thomas More. UK

I was taught by FCJ's at St Margarets Paisley, where I received a wonderful education, just a pity I didn’t appreciate it then!!!  I still keep in touch with some of the girls and I am only sorry that the order is not in Paisley  any morel  We could do with more schools like St Margaret’s in this day and age. It never fails to surprise me that some youngsters nowadays know nothing about the basics of education.
Mary Hay, Scotland

Hello, from Colorado, USA ....I attended Gumley House, Isleworth in the 40's & 50's. During the war when the sirens started we would all scramble for a room made of "marble" in the main convent and also over in the playing fields we had underground shelters where we would stay until the all clear. My brother John attended St. Mary's next door and I was able to wave to him from one of the upper rooms where we took sewing class. My most cherished memories are the wonderful chapel with the smell of wisteria through the open windows, the smell of the roses in the gardens, everything was so clean and smelled of polish, food in the refectory on white table cloths, nuns clothing hanging out to dry on the line, the hill up to Mary's grotto where every May we would have a procession to crown Mary. These are but a few of my memories, there are so many more. Nuns and teachers I remember were, Mother Agnes, Sister Stanislaus, Mother Angela, Miss Gavigan (gym), Mrs. Black (German), Miss O'Connor (English), Miss O'Flynn (French). I have been lucky in contacting a couple of Gumley friends, but would enjoy hearing from more. Whatever happened to some of the teachers? You may contact me at . Thank you and God Bless.
Maureen Cunningham, Colorado USA

Thank you so much for posting my message on the Visitors' Book - I forgot to give .   I would love to hear from any old girls who were there in my time at Newlands, Middlesborough.  Patsy Butler was my very good friend and I believe she went back to teach there.  What a wonderful website!!  How lucky we are to have all this incredible technology.
Sally Rochford (Power) Trinidad, West Indies

I was delighted to discover your website and to read some messages from girls who studied at Poles Convent.  I would very much like to get in touch with anybody who attended Poles from 1975 to 1980!  I would also like to know how to get in touch with Sister Ethna Dempsey or Sister Brenda!  Attending Poles were really some of the best years of my life even though I did not realize that at the time!  It is a shame the school closed down as I would very much like to have gone to visit, but if anybody is interested in setting up a reunion please . Thank you to all the nuns who taught me so well.
Angela Crilly  (née Angela Mary Prajantabut)

I had a message for your website visitors book, but have had to come off-site to send it, so here goes:  This is a clear and easy to navigate site, with a good balance of text and imagery. It was intriguing to catch a glimpse of some old faces and to see what they are doing now. However, for women who have  been historically  involved  with education I was astounded at the sub-literacy scattered throughout your site. For example: "I have companioned..." or " I was missioned to…" etc.  One could perhaps argue that such misuse of English constitutes nothing more than an expression of group mentality; but in reality it is merely a sorry indication of sloppy language.  Of course, if such misappropriation had occured, even once, when I was at school (St Aloysius, Somers Town. London), it would have been swiftly corrected. This does mar the overall presentation of the site, which is a shame.  So Sisters-you are in detention! Please correct the grammatical errors in the text and take 100 lines:   'I must obey basic grammatical strictures.' Corrections, for the sake of the reading public, really are necessary. Thank you.
Sile Martin

We thank you for your appreciation of our website.  As you know, English, as any living language, is constantly changing and you are correct in recognizing that groups do in fact evolve their own language.  For many years, FCJ Sisters, for whom mission and companionship are extremely important concepts, have used these words both as verb and noun.  Those of us who became FCJs in the ‘60s were very familiar with the word mission, but equally with the sense that we would be missioned (that is “sent”) once we had made our vows.  So here again it is both noun and verb. If you check the Merriam-Webster OnLine Dictionary at http://www.m-w.com/dictionary/ you will find both the words’companion' and 'mission' shown with verb forms.

I attended St Aloysius Convent from 1951-1956, I clearly remember Mother Agatha above all the other nuns because I was scared of her, no stain or other imperfection on your uniform escaped her notice. I was very fond of Mother Alice, Mother Dorothy and Mrs Thomas. After all these years I have started going to the annual school reunion, where I have met up with a few of my school friends. It is very odd to wander around the building now and use the dreaded front staircase without fear. It would be lovely to hear from anybody who remembers me.
Maria Longaretti now Mansfield

Greating from year 6 pupils at FCJ Primary School, Jersey . We notice that we are not on your map for the British Province. Please could we be added.  (Yes! You are on the map now; thanks for pointing out the omission.) Last week we celebrated the 75th anniversary of the past pupils association.We had a reception at Government House. We very much enjoyed having Sister Lucy and Sister Miriam at the reception. A big HELLO to Sister Cecilia and Sister Gloria and why not vist our brand new improved website: www.fcj.sch.je. Please wish us luck as we go to secondary school.
Love from Yr6 and Miss Kielty xxxxx

Had a look through. It meant a lot to us since our visit to Southern Leyte with Margaret and meeting Veronika. Keep up the good work.
Mary & Gerard O'Connor

Therese Lang here! I went to the Prep school at East Marton, 1955-59. I then moved on to St Monica's itself. I still speak of my time there with great pride. I have visited Skipton a few times since leaving in 1966. I get a good feeling every time I do. Happy memories.
Therese Lang

I noticed another message from someone having attended Marymount Academy in Midnapore, Alberta at the former Father Lacombe Home. It was a girl's boarding school, grades 7-12 which I believe was only open for two years 1966-67 and 1967-68. I attended the first year and there were about 100 of us with about 7 sisters which were FCJ's. There was a lovely chapel in the older part of the building and a French-Canadian priest said Mass daily, and benediction on Sundays. I was protestant at the time and reacted to the Latin Mass and rigorous traditions of Catholicism. But a seed was planted during that year and about 20 years later, after much spiritual searching, I eventually converted. Some of the sisters (who we called Mother at that time,) were Mother Loretta, Mother Campion, Mother Margaret Mary, and elderly Mother Theresa who taught the grade-7's. I remember the swooshing of the nuns habits coming down the hall in the middle of the night, when all was quiet. I could tell many stories and I wonder if there are other ladies who might read this and remember. We had about a dozen girls from Ecuador and Mexico attending school that year. It was a difficult, but very memorable, experience for me and I'm grateful for it because it served to draw me closer to Jesus' most Loving Heart. Sincerely,
Monica Julson ( )

Hello to the Sisters at Sedgley Park . l go back to Our Lady Of Grace School in Prestwich during the 1940/50 period. The Headmistress was a Mother Mary Francis, from the Convent. She was a strict disciplinarian, but believe me she did give me some advice when l left the school to start my working career that l have never forgotten, words of wisdom that will never be found in any book. Keep up your good work, l do not think people actually understand the good you have done in Education over the years.
Rowland Curliss, Australia

I was just reading your visitors book and was thrilled to see a message posted from Steven Borbo.  I don't know if you remember me Steve but I was in Kailahun with Srs Agnes and Marie Annick from 1990-91.  I have wonderful memories of my time there and I often pray and wonder what's happened to those I knew.  Do you happen to have news of John Baion?  And what about you?  Are you still in Sierra Leone ?  I would love to have your news!  I am married to Sean and have 3 boys, Joshua, Joel & Jacob and we live in Ontario, Canada . Can't wait to hear from you! ( )
Danielle Lord, Ontario, Canada

Dear sisters, Congratulations on your work and the wonderful web page. I was a boarder at St. George's School, Broadstairs for 7 years (roughly 1957-1964) and have spent since 1969 working and studying here in SPAIN . Now and again Mother Dorothy would write to me but since her death I have lost touch with you all. I would above all love to hear from anyone (nuns or pupils) who went to school with me then (especially Mary Poltera who was my best friend). I have loads of photos of us all (in black and white) on the beach at the 39 steps, Corpus Christi etc. I went to Broadstairs with my other three sisters (Jennifer, Susan and Angela Johnson).(we were the only non-catholics in the school) Looking forward to hearing from someone, Tons of love and prayers, ( )
Sally Johnson, Spain

Hi! Have just been on the website and read all the messages and some of the names were familiar though not in my years. 1957/58 at Marton House, 1958/65 at St Monica's. Have made contact with Helen Miller but so far am unsuccessful with Margaret Lawton, Bernadette Sowerby and Mary Bateson. So many memories and good times.
Monica Jane Kirk

Dear All, I have visited your web site. It is good to know all what you’re doing all over the world. I have to know some of you particularly those who have worked in  Sierra Leone . Though your stay was brief, your contribution in the field of education transformed the lives of many that are very useful in their community.   I pray your congregation grow from strength to strength so that many more people maybe touched by your contact.  Yours in Christ
Steve Borbo

I would like to add to the letter from Maureen Hodgson (Carins) with whom I have kept in touch over the years - she was my dear sister Marie Power's close school chum,  and also mine (Sally Power - now Rochford.  I live in Trinidad and have four daughters - I have lovingly brought them up in the FCJ tradition of values and ethics and in the words of our School Song - "our School's traditions handed down, our future lives to mould."  Maureen's letter brought back so many lovely warm memories of those wonderful nuns to whom I owe so much. Like Maureen I would love to hear from any of my old chums.
Sally (Power) Rochford, Trinidad, West Indies

Have just discovered this great web site, thanks to Sr. Breda at Broadstairs. Have read all the letters posted going back a few years.  Stayed at Wincot, Westpoint and the convent during the 90's. The times spent at Broadstairs have, witjhout a doubt, have been the highlight of my UK visits. Would like to hear from anyone who is or has been assoc. with the FCJ Sisters, especially the UK . Would like to hear from Sr. Mary {Condron?} who was at Stella Maris, also Dawn Harvie from Melbourne. ( )
Cath Jenkins, Melbourne

Hello!  How wonderful it was to catch up once again on all the latest news of the FCJ communities.  I lived and worked with Srs Paula Mullen and Anne Morrison in Tarija, Bolivia from 1992-1994 as part of your lay missionary programme.  The FCJ Sisters have had such a profound and deep effect on my life and spirituality.  To be able to connect once again with all the sisters that I know and keep myself updated with all their new developments is truly a blessing.  It is wonderful to see the progression of the Tarija community since I was last there.  I will definitely bookmark your website into my favourites so I can keep a regular update with all your work.  My love and kindest regards to all the FCJ's I know worldwide.
Danielle Lord (formerly de Gruchy), Ontario, Canada (originally from Jersey, C.I.)

Came across your website and was very interested to read some of the comments. I was at The Grange in Broadstairs Kent in 1960/1961, which was part of Stella Maris Convent, and spent a wonderful year there with 12 others from around the world. Would love to hear from anyone who was there at that time. Fondly remember Mother Xavier, Sister Breda, Sister Raphael and Mrs Riley. Congratulations on this site. Regards
Dawn Harvie, Melbourne, Australia

For many years I have longed to find a way to be in contact with some of the girls with whom I went to school during the War. It was 1940 when I started at St Mary's Convent, in Borough Road, Newlands, Middlesbrough and I was almost 11 years old. Our headmistress was Mother Mary Monica Prendergast who kept us all firmly, but gently in line, treating us with respect and always having high expectations of "her girls". One of my clearest memories is of the great welcome and importance that surrounded the visit of REVEREND MOTHER - sadly I don't recall her name.
       Mother Gerardine played the piano as we marched out of the hall after assembly, Miss Kennedy taught us French, Miss Marie Saul opened our eyes and ears to Shakespeare, Miss Sewell, later Mrs.Jones, introduced us to the world of science, Miss Kitty Diamond taught history, Miss Robinson, Geography, Miss Brockbank, later Mrs.Douglas, was in charge of Sports while Miss Wood, the Maths teacher, frequently came near to apoplexy when faced with my abysmal lack of comprehension in her subject.
       Bottles of milk (1/3rd of a pint) were sold to us at break by Sister Scholastica, who greeted each pupil with "That's right now!" and whose large hands were always red & cold. During air raids we sat on cold cement benches in the Air Raid Shelters that ringed the netball pitch.
      The words of the School Song "Fortiter et Recte" often ring in my head as does the hymn "Oui, je le crois" which we always sang on every December 8th. The smell of wax polish immediately transports me back in front of the blessed Sacrament in the Chapel while Plainsong Masses are still remembered but greatly missed. The lessons in how to live our Christian life were being unconsciously absorbed alongside school subjects.
       I shall always be thankful for the five important years I spent under the influence of these noble women. I have four children, all born in South Africa and I tell them "Yes, you went to school. But I, I was educated."
       If there is any woman of my time who remembers these years I should be very happy to receive a message. My name is Maureen Elisabeth HODGSON born CARINS. My husband and I live in Cape Town, South Africa. ( ) May God richly bless all in the FCJ family.
Maureen Elisabeth Hodgson (née Carins), Cape Town, South Africa

Tampilan halaman bagus, tidak terlalu banyak pernak-pernik dan warna, namun informatif. (Translation: The presentation of the page is beautiful, not too many details and colours, but informative.)
Andhika, Indonesia

I attended St. Aloysius FCJ Convent Grammar School for girls, Phoenix road, London NW1, from 1949 to 1952.  After completing my Ordinary Levels I spent 2 years at the Lycee Francais de Londres, Queensbury Place, South Kensington, London S.W.7.  Upon completion in 1954 I went to work at the Egyptian Embassy, 24 South Street (just off Park Lane) London.  I married in 1956 and together with my husband emigrated to Canada.  We had 5 children, 3 live in my area, one is in Vancouver BC, and one is living in New Hampshire USA.  I presently live in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and would love to hear from some of my school companions. Thank you,
Monica Healey (nee Cabell), Canada

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