I would just like to say how sorry we were to hear that Sr Thecla had died.  She was headmistress at St Aloysius Junior School when I  was there in the early sixties and it was largely due to her that I went to St Monica's Convent, Skipton, where I spent five happy years and made many lasting friendships.  I have kept in touch with Sr. Thecla ever since, popping in to the convent at Somerstown when I taught at Maria Fidelis and more recently visiting her several times at Redriff.  She was always pleased to see us and particularly enjoyed the entertainment my children were delighted to provide. 
       Sr Thecla was very strict as headmistress but we always felt she was  interested in us as people.  She had a great sense of humour and could recall amazing details from way back.  She and Sr Winifred were a formidable pair and I remember them both with love and affection.  I remember when dear Sr Winefride Knowles died, Sr Thecla and Sr Winifred took the time and trouble to get to a phone to ring me with the sad news. 
       In 2005 we took our family holiday in Kent specifically to take the opportunity to visit Redriff and the children took their instruments (including the cello) so they could do a little concert for the nuns.  I am so glad we were able to do that and I know the nuns enjoyed the afternoon.  My life is certainly richer for having known Sr Thecla and I will always be grateful to  her for suggesting I should go to Skipton, probably the turning point of my life. 
May she rest in peace.
Julia Jasper, England

Greetings to the Faithful Companions of Jesus.  I pray that this season of Advent may be a time of enrichment for your community and for those for whom you pray.

Hi, I also went to St Catherine's in Paisley from 196? To 1976. My fondest memories are of Sr Cecilia, who I think I had a bit of a crush on! She was fun and lively and the memory of the other teachers faces when she took her veil off to play netball with the girls will stay with me. Sr Scholastica and Sr Vincentia were also teachers of mine. God bless you all.
Scott Kerr, England

Hi. Your website is a delight. The art work with the invitation to prayer is wonderful. I will surely use the site for my prayer. I hope you can add more to help those like me in my prayer life.
      I work in a Jesuit university here in Zamboanga city, Philippines. It was a surprise to know that there is a Society of women with Ignatian spirituality. I did my weeklong immersion in Naga in 1986 - you were not there yet, I realize. It would have been nice to have met you and known about your society at that time. Anyway, I pray that more Filipinas will join your socety. The Philippines is blessed with your presence.
Aldrin A. Hitalia, Ateneo de Zamboanga University, Philippines

Hi ... I was delighted to come across your website.  I went to St Catherine's Primary school in Paisley from 1957 until 1964 when I transferred to St Margarets at the age of 11 until 1970, age 17.  I had a really good time at both schools.  Mother Scholastica was headmistress at St Catherines, who encouraged us with our recorder playing!!  Mother Vincentia was in charge of the infants.
     When I started secondary school, a new headmistress also started, Mother Patricia.  She was a real gem and full of fun – she took part in our staff/pupil netball matches!! A young nun, Mother Rita also joined the staff and taught us French.  She started to learn how to play the guitar and I can remember how she progressed over the years from accompanying hymns with a few basic chords to wonderful playing.
     One of my classmates, Joan McGeough joined the FCJ's around 1970 – she came from Bridge of Weir.  I would love to hear from anyone.  (My email)
Frances Chapman (nee Brown)

This is Mai-Lien, who was kindly allowed to board with you from 1989-1991 at Vaucluse, Richmond .  I keep thinking about how kind Sr. Ita, Sr. Maryrose, Sr. Margaret, etc, had been to me. They gave me supports when I needed them most.  I did ask to be able to join the FCJ order in 1991 (I was still doing my bachelor degree then), but Sr. Ita, in her wisdom, advised me to live life a bit, before jumping to any decision out of gratitude.   I got my master’s degree in analytical chemistry from RMIT, and worked for the State Chemistry Laboratory for quite a long time.  I am now a mother of two beautiful kids, 6 and 5 years old.   I have always thought about the FCJ sisters who helped me out when I was so desperate.  I tried to keep contact with Sr. Clare and  I managed to introduce my future husband to her a week before she passed away.  I lost contact with Sr. Mary Therese, who helped me a lot spiritually, as well as with my English.  I have not tried to contact Sr Ita, Sr. Maryrose or Sr. Margaret before, but in my thoughts, they are always there.   Of course, I have always remembered all the other sisters who lived at Vaucluse at the time (Sr Moya, Sr Tony, Sr Maurice, Sr Joan (passed away), Sr Dorothy (passed away), etc...)  My love to all the FCJ Sisters whom I met while I was there. (My email)
Mai-Lien, Australia

For more than two days now since chancing on this exciting website, I have been transported in imagination over the years and over the miles. I re-read the history, caught up with the latest, glad that the FCJs are still active and effective in spite of the sad demise of some schools. including my own, The Hollies (Manchester, UK). I am lucky to be in touch with some pp from my year (1942-50).  I'd appreciate news of teachers of that time.  Mother Monica was Head and in my final year, Mother Mechtilde.  I remember with awe and affection Mother Aloysius who supervised our nine year old fingers running and felling gigantic brown poplin bloomers.  My mind pictures a diminutive Mother Barbara (Canute-like) controlling alone the whole school, heaving down the stairs to the cellar cloakroom.  Special memories stay with me of great teachers: Miss Mulrooney, Miss Ervine, Miss Furphy. At University I counted among my friends people from Adelphi and Lark Hill, both now closed.  I would particularly like to hear of or from Elva Harrison who left Lark Hill in 1950 . After her BA at Manchester she went to teach in Canada.  She was in Montreal in the early 1960s.  I wonder where she is now.
Kath Holland

It was really wonderful to read up on all the articles under the order.  I attended Poles Convent in Ware (England) and left after the syntax class in 1980.  I hold such warm memories of all my teachers, the older nuns and of course class mates like Charlotte Walker.  Keep it up.
Josephine Idowu

Hi everyone,  I was instructed to have a peep at your web site by Ann Sutcliffe (ex Sedgley ).  what a lovely surprise.  Ann and I send our warmest regards to you all and especially Dalcie.  We were at college together and were mutual friends with Rosemary and Lucy.  Do you know how good this feels to know you are still "kicking ", Dalcie - wow !!!!  Rosemary is in touch with me as is Ann but sadly I have lost touch with Lucy.  I hear she is in Poland - unless you know better?  Much love to you all.
Anne (Shaw) Hinnigan

All dear FCJ sisters... especially FCJ Indonesia, I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to FCJ Indonesia which now has 3 communities in Indonesia. Proficiat ... selamat ...!  I remember the first year I met Sr. Barbara in IKIP Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta 1997.  I was one of the students in IKIP Sanata Dharma Yogyakarta.  I couldn't speak English and so we communicated with body language. So funny, but after that we became good friends.  Also when Sr. Jane come in 1988 ... We have a lot of memories ...  Thanks a lot for the friendship, and success to all FCJs ...  Special regards to Sr. Barbara, Sr. Agnes, Sr. Afra and Sr. Marion.  Wonderful website...
Hartini  Tilburg - Holland

I have just discovered your site with pleasure, I was fortunate to be educated at an FCJ Convent - Bellerive in Liverpool (England) from the age of five; a better Education cannot be found I am proud to have been able to attend such a wonderful School.  In Kindergarten we had a wonderful Nun who taught us things which stay with me even to this day, her name then was Mother Annunciata. I would love to know if anyone knows where she is today. I don't think she can have been much older than ourselves although when we were so young everyone seemed so old! I am now sixty five, and I do hope somebody who reads this can give me some information.  I realise the Nuns changed from being Mother to being Sister and totally changing their names, so this may be an impossible task, but I am hoping.  Regards,
Bernadette Ekberg  (Nee Dickman)

Hello; enjoyed your web site and just to wish your Community God's blessing on all your work and especially to wish Sr. Katherine Curtin ( the Altar Societyof Balally) and all our friends in the FCJ  Cumunity in Indonesia, Laurel Hill, Bruff, Smokey Mountain etc. etc. and that other place Balally (where did you say?  Balally).  Sisters you are just terrific - keep up your good work.
Tony Brooks

I have just discovered your website and looking through it was delighted to see faces and names that I knew. I was a student at Sedgley from 1966 -1969 and have many happy memories of my days there and the lifelong friends that were made. We have been back to the college (now a Police college) several times for reunions.  It was wonderful to be able to be attend Mass in the Chapel....happy days!!!!  Looking at the other messages left last year there was one from a student who was in my year .... Dulcie Jesperson ... (I knew her as Dulcie Maney), now living in Arizona ...... if you read this Dulcie, please get in touch.  Best wishes to all FCJs. (My email)
Ann Sutcliffe, Blackburn, Lancashire (England) 

Just a quick greeting to Sisters Bernadette, Rosa and Stanislaus, all of whom moved from Hartlepool (England) to Redriff, where we hope they are enjoying a well-earned rest - but knowing them, they will not be resting as much as they should!  Please let them know they are still missed and loved by everyone in St Joseph's parish. And I keep a photo of them on my desk in the Northern Cross newspaper office at St Joseph's Parish centre.  Love to Sister Carmela, too - I'm not sure where she went, but I hope she is happy, too.
Bernadette Lawson (Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, England)

I spent 2 years at La chassotte in Suisse 65-67 and 1 year at The Grange at Broadstairs in the UK - my name is Pilina Ramirez and I live in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands.  To all of you many regards and be in touch with me. Adios, (My email)
Pilina Ramirez (Canary Islands)

Hello, I left St Aloysius, Somers Town, (London UK) in the late 50's.  I remember the nuns with much affection, particularly Mother Patricia who was then head, and of course Mother Agatha. I was terrified of Mother Agatha when I was at school - she was a very strict disciplinarian.  I didn't realise until I met her on several occasions after leaving school, what a real 'softie' she was.  She really instilled into us that we should behave like 'ladies', and seemed to notice the tiniest stain on our tunics! I am so grateful to the FCJ's for the religious and accademic education received from them, as well as the good manners, and character formation we learnt from them.  Thank you.
Vilma Ferrari.

I see there are no messages for 2006 so I would like to start the ball rolling.  I was educated at St Aloysius in Phoenix Road London NW1.  I passed my 11 plus in 1960 and couldn't wait to wear my brown school uniform which was a family tradition.  My cousin was 8 years older and I used to envy her in her "posh" uniform.  My mother and aunt attended the school, they are both alive - mum being 92 and aunt 94.  Unfortunately my cousin Hanka (Hania) died two years ago.  Watching the TV programme "The Convent" about the Poor Clare Sisters in Sussex reminded me of my school days.  It's just to say thanks for the good education and start in life that the FCJs gave us all.
Inger Morris (nee Andersen)

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