PESAN-PESAN TAHUN ... 2002—2003

I have been surfing on the British Province website and enjoyed it. Congratulations to the workers. I feel proud of your creativity. Thanks.
Marie-Geneviève Renaud, fcJ, France

I have very fond memories of my time at Gumley House (Isleworth, England) from 1955-1961. Mother Angela was Headmistress, then Mother Josephine. We had a very successful reunion in 2002 and are hoping to organise another, possibly in November 2003. Would love to see other messages from past Gumley girls -- see www.friendsreunited.co.uk for more contacts.
Pat Carter (nee Mason), England

Hi, my name is Tony Iseppi. I have recently been communicating with your Order on a project here in Melbourne, Australia and noticed on your letterhead the address of your website. While I was partially aware of the work undertaken by your order, I was not aware of the extent and how needed it is today, and on viewing the site I felt compelled to send this small vote of encouragement and congratulation for the great work undertaken that the World so badly needs. May God continue to bless your great work, regards Tony.
Tony Iseppi, Melbourne, Australia

I have had a wonderful time browsing the website. I was an Upton girl (England) until 2001 and have many happy memories of my time there. It made me the person I am, and I hope that is a true follower of Christ. I am now training to be a nurse and find my faith a great source of strength, so thank you to all at Upton Hall FCJ. God Bless.
Julie Hawthorne.

Good afternoon, I was brought up in a community where the FCJ's were our teachers at St. Joseph's School in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, USA. I was a member of this school from 1960-1967. Many teachers there have left a long lasting impression on me. When I first went to the school, I was the "new" kid but the sisters made me feel welcome and strove to give me a good basis for my education. There were so many of them and of course my memory is not what it used to be, but I do remember a few names. There was Sister Mary Felicitas, who taught Grade 7, an excellent all around teacher with a sense of humor.
There was also a young woman from our parish who entered the convent and the last I heard she was in Toronto. Her name was Yvonne Cormier. I do not know where she would be now. I have often thought of her and many others. I do not know if it is possible but I would very much like to know if you would have a list of the faculty that were at St. Joseph's during the 60's. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Sincerely,
Cecile (Robichaud) Bourgeois, USA

Hello everyone, I discovered this site via Sr. Bernadette in Hartlepool, England. We have a mutual mission in working with deaf people. I attended St. Joseph’s in Hartlepool from 1957 – 1963 and would be interested to hear from any other ‘old girls’ who may like to exchange memories of that time. Mother Cecilia was head when I started and Mother Philomena Conlan was head by the time I left. Congratulations on the website; it seems to have worldwide appeal. Best wishes, Trapper.mik (mailto: trapper.mik@ntlworld.com)
Kath Oyston, Stockton-on-Tees, England

My mother was Maureen Ward who first went to Adelphi Grammar School, Salford, England, in the 1940's. She went to Sedgley and returned to teach there until 1970. My sister and brother and I all went to Adelphi Prep in Monton and my sister Catherine and I both went to Adelphi from 1974 to 1980. By a twist of fate or God's intervention I am now a police officer in Greater Manchester police and so have also attended at Sedgley Park which is now our training school. My mum retained very fond memories of her time at school and the order. So many sisters made an impression on her including Mother Anna, Mother Margaret Mary, Sister Mary, Sister Lucy and Sister Gerard. When mum died of cancer in 1996 the family received many kind words and prayers. I remember especially Sister Lucy and Sister Claudia who tried to teach me to sew. Sister Rachel taught me scripture and I also knew sister Yvonne. Sister Philomena was my head at Adelphi and I also remember her fondly. The spirit of the order is strong and the influence that it had upon me remains with me still. God bless you all.
Anne Collier, Manchester, England
St. Cuthbert's Church.
This is my first visit to the FCJ site, via a link from my Parish site; the FCJ convent and nuns attached to my Parish, though few in number, are a great source of inspiration. I'm sending a picture of our church in Crook, Co. Durham, England. Best Wishes for a Happy & Holy Christmas.

Ken Davison, Crook, England

I have visited the web site of the sisters FCJ a few times recently and have enjoyed 'meeting' old friends. Sr. Gertrude who led our 'Children of Mary' group on Sunday afternoons at St, Joseph's Longsight, Manchester, England (I was at The Hollies during the week) and Sr Anne Marie Ryan fcJ who was vice principal at Sedgley Park College of Education (Salford, England) during my time there ('67 - '70) - Sr. Maureen Farrell fcJ was also on the staff. I knew Sr. Cecilia Connolly fcJ when she was a third year student sister and I was a 'first year' travelling each day from home, and Sr Moira Cashmore fcJ who was the president of the Sedgley Old Students Association. Now I am president of the OSA and getting ready to celebrate the centenary in 2003. I keepin touch with the FCJ mission through the OSA and through several friends. I was glad to meet Sr Patricia Grogan (Sr Regis) last year just before she died and this year I have met Sr. Anne Marie and Sr. Gertrude at Gumley (London, England) when I was there for the launch of the book about The Hollies. Andrea le Guevel has been a dear friend since we met while both in our respective 6th forms at the Hollies and Gumley in 1966. My mother, her sister, brother and cousins were all at The Hollies in the 20's and 30's so the sisters FCJ have always been an influence in my life, from childhood stories about my Mother's school days, to my own in the swinging sixties at The Hollies, to College days and now the OSA.
Freda Curley, England

On reading the messages I saw Christine Lyons saying that there weren't enough messages from us 'Gumley girls'. I too am a "Gumley Girl" but not from 1965. I only left this year, and I would just like to thank all the sisters that worked in Gumley, for their help and support. I also had the pleasure of going on the FCJ International Camp (to Romania in summer 2002). I was in the Construction Team, so Hi to anyone who was there and is reading this. Kind of lost some email addresses. So haven't been able to make contact. Great website and hello to Sister Lynne. Hope all is going OK and I'll send her an email soon.
Jennifer Barker Gumley House, England (1995-2002)

Logo of European Network Youth Camp.You can read about the FCJ International Camp on the 'NEWS' page of this website.

I have just been contacted through another web site by a girl I went to school with at Vaucluse Convent in Richmond, Australia. It was so good to hear from someone. This contact has led me to your site which is like a light at the end of what was a long tunnel. Thank you for reminding me that some things are forever.

Hello: In 1968, I attended Mary Mount Academy in Midnapore, Alberta, Canada. Sr. Marilyn Matz bears a "striking resemblance" to a Sister who was a teacher at the school. I was known to her as Deborah Roskin, and I believe my pet name was "incorrigible!" It's been a very long time, and memories fade, but nonetheless, I would be very grateful if you would pass along my greetings to her. I've remembered the Sisters fondly, throughout these years. Thanking you, kindly,
Deborah Roskin Gray, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Two of us (both ex-Sedgley) have just had a most interesting visit to your website. But... one thing is most confusing...we were looking for people we knew but as your names have all been changed & you no longer sport habits, it was almost impossible to recognise anyone! Would like to suggest that previous religious name be indicated somewhere. We loved the site. Greeting to all we know but do not recognise from two amazing past students.
Edwina Gateley & Margaret Grasar, England

Hello I am so happy to have found the Visitors Book. Sister Mary Clare (Holland) was a very special person to me through school and there-after. She was the Headmistress of St. James's School Paisley (Scotland), and the nearest person to a Saint that I have ever known. I attended St. James's school from the age of 5 years until the age of 16 years. I left in 1965. Sister Mary Clare, taught us (the school) very wonderful lessons on how to live as good people. She also taught us the importance of prayer. I kept in touch with her after I finished school, and she took great delight in getting my letters when I later emigrated to Canada. I spoke with her a few weeks before she died, and I was so glad to have had her in my life. A great person and I know she must have influenced many more people out there.
Marie Springall (nee Maguire), Canada

I have just spent half an hour enjoying our FCJ website. Thanks to all who helped to compile it. I feel energised by reading about the mission of the sisters and thought the Visitors Book makes wonderful international reading. I am a Hollies girl and former member of staff at Sedgley Park Training College. (My email)
Maureen Farrell FCJ, Salford, UK

I read about your web site in the Catholic Free Press (Worcester, USA} and explored it today. I am simply writing to let you know what very positive and happy memories I have of the FCJ Sisters. My parents both were educated by the sisters. My father left after Grade Six at St. Joseph’s School in the Cleghorn section of Fitchburg. Mom graduated in l9l5 in the same class as Mother Assumption. My sister Irene graduated in l936 and I graduated in l945. I received a wonderful education which prepared me well for High School at St. Bernard's and later, after I entered religious life, for work at Boston College for my BA and MA.
We are still in touch with Mother Loretta Keating. I think most of the Sisters I had are now deceased ... but perhaps Mother Noëlla, Mother Mary Agnes and Mother Josephine are still well. Mother Carmel (my teacher in Grade Three and Grade Five) once asked me when I was in High School how I planned to use my gifts for God. Well, in 2005 I shall celebrate my Golden Jubilee. The very positive education from my parents and the sisters gave me a very strong image of a loving God which has sustained me throughout life. I thought this was a good opportunity to thank all the Faithful Companions of Jesus for what they gave all of us as a family educated by them through out the years.
Sister Doris Lambert, R.C.E. (Religious of Christian Education), USA

Hi, I am Maureen Grainger, used to be Byrne. I attended Newlands Convent (Middlesbrough, England) from '58 to1961. Is there anyone out in the big wide world who may remember me? I would love to hear from you. ( )
Maureen Grainger (Byrne), Australia

"As apostles in a secular world your love, your zeal, the witness of your lives and work must awaken in others the sure hope that it is possible to have a personal relationship of love with God." May God inspire and bless you always.

No se que decir, en realidad me no he visto demasiado de la página pero es la primera congregación que veo tiene una página web, lo cual me parece fantástico. Que les puedo decir ... mi nombre es Inés Lorena y llegué a ustedes a través de la hermana Pérez que se encuentra aquí en la iudad de Salta en Argentina.
Inés Lorena, Argentina

(translation of above) I don't know what to say, in fact I haven't seen much of the page but it is the first congregation I have seen that has a web page, and that seems wonderful to me. What can I say to you? My name is Ines Lorena and I came to know you through Sister Alicia Perez. who lives here in the city of Salta in Argentina.
Inés Lorena, Argentina

Hello, this is a great website it helps me learn more about the foundress of our school (Uton Hall School, England).
Bethany Barker, England (daughter of Pat Barker -who is a teacher at the School)

Just discovered the Philippines page of your website. Glad to see that it looks as if the work is thriving. Want to say hallo to Rachel (Rachel lives in Quezon City) and send lots of love and best wishes to all the FCJ community there. Lots of love, Josie

It has been a joy looking through the web-site. Many memories have been relived (good ones.) I am very pleased and proud to have been involved in this Society. To this day 'Our' Foundress continues to be an inspiration to me. Remembering you all with love. Hopefully some of you will still remember me! (My email)
Sharon Casey, England

(From a member of our Foundress' family)

De Villecomte, Sainte Solange, France nous pensons aux Fidèles Compagnes et à leur travail formidable. Madame de la Jonquière se joint à nous pour vous encourager encore dans votre mission si difficile. Nous espérons revoir les Soeurs bientôt à Villecomte. Croyez en toutes nos prières.
Renaud de Bengy de Puyvallée

(translation of above) De Villecomte, Sainte Solange, France, we are thinking of the Faithful Companions of Jesus and their wonderful work. Madame de la Jonquière joins us in encouraging you in your difficult mission. We hope to see the sisters soon again in Villecomte. You can count on our prayers.
Renaud de Bengy de Puyvallée

Loved the fcJ website but so few messages from former "Gumley" girls. I was at Gumley (England) from1965 and have fond memories of Sister Carmel, Sister Josephine et al. Particular friends were Christine Vaughan, Maggie Bierne, Hilary Johnson, Catherine Hanley and I was then Christine Lyons. If any of you are out there you can reach me on .
Christine Lyons, England

Came across your Web page from an article I found in Catholic Communications. I was travelling in Ireland twelve years ago and dropped into your convent in Bunclody ( I hope that is the correct spelling) The sister who answered my knock made we very welcome and it was nice to be given gracious hospitality, she also presented me with a book on the Order - 'God's Faithful Instrument' by Patricia Grogan FCJ. I enjoyed reading about the early years of the Order. Thank you once again for your well presented Web site and the warm hospitality in Ireland. Regards,
Janice Moulay (Australia)

Paz y bien, Para todos! Gracias por tener esta página web, que Dios las bendiga y socorra siempre. Sobre todo por la hermosa labor que realizan, ojalá pudieramos estar en contacto y me contaran sobre ustedes. (Email) Sinceramente en el amor de Dios:
Delia Jiménez

(translation of above) Peace and good wishes to all of you. Thank you for this web page, may God bless and sustain you always. Above all for the beautiful work that you do. I would love to keep in touch, and would like you to tell me more about yourselves. (Email) Sincerely in God's love,
Delia Jiminez

Dear Sisters, Wonderful to see how far reaching your communites are and for you to be able to share all of this with us. Great. I was a student at Vaucluse, Richmond, Australia leaving in 1963. I would be happy to hear from any other students or sisters who may remember me. ( ) Best wishes to everybody,
Anne-Marie Cooper (Hescroff)

I attended Newlands School FCJ from 1962 to 1966, started in Newlands Road, then moved to Saltersgill Avenue, Middlesbrough (U.K.). Was taught by Mother Winifred, Miss Gwilliam, Miss Berry, Mrs.Wynn. Mother Mary of the Angels or NOD as she was affectionately called, was the headmistress at the time. Anyone out there remember? Please contact...... thanks. (My email)
Pat Coleman (Now Davies)

Hello, Just found your site and nice it is too. I am surprised that so many people remember the Adelphi in Salford (England). Not being allowed there myself for 2 reasons 1) wrong gender and 2) because I was 'thick' anyway! However, I did attend the old St Ann's in the Adelphi and remember lots of my 'old' teachers. At the time Mother Anthony was Head, brilliant lady she was, and Mother Victoire was my then idolised teacher. She was an inspiration to me and has been throughout my life. Is she still alive? Last I heard she was "Head" at some College in Scotland although I've never been able to track her down successfully? What memories of them walking down Adelphi Street to St.Ann's. Alongside them also were 'Civvy' teachers. Some being Miss Connaughton and my 'best favourite' of all, Miss Roberts or Yvonne as I later came to know her. Sadly she died around 1960ish. Wonderful and attractive person that she was. None of them would remember the River Irwell now? Gone are the 'Soapsuds' and replaced by fish - yes I say again Fish!! The old satanic Mills are long gone too! Thank God. What atrocious conditions those marvellous people had to work in. It was heaven visiting Sedgley Park Convent - they had TREES and Grass! Unbelievable in Salford? Anyhow, God Bless all and keep up the Good Work. After 40yrs I can say 'When I needed it - You's were there'. Thank you again.
Steve Winder

Great to see your web site. We have lost track of those we went to school with and hope that any who wish to contact us do so. I was at Poles 1965-1968, Susan 1963-1965, and Annmari 1967-1970. My mother and her sisters - Raymonde, Elizabeth, Hazel, Denise and maybe Rosemary Judd (all from Ireland) were also at Poles through the 1930s and early 40s. ( ) Are Sister Ethna and Sr. Regina Shepherd who both taught at Poles still active? Please give them my best.
Oonagh O'Dea, Canada

Dear Sisters, your website is great and I liked going through it and learning about your communities. I got the site address from my bestfriend at school MaryAnne Francalanza who's now a Novice in the British Province. Keep up the good work and may God be always with you in your work. A big hug to MaryAnne.
Jeannette Cardona (nee Mallia, Malta)

I was a boarder at Upton (England) from 1943 to 1950. Living in Canada it is difficult to trace former friends, but I would really like to hear from anyone I might have known. ( )
Pat Branton (now Wright), Canada

Hi there, So glad to see some names from Adelphi House Grammar School, Salford (England). I attended there from 1961 through 1968 approx. I've lived in Houston, Texas, for 20 years and have two children ... James 21 and Ashley 16. I remember Mother Anna too and also Sister Alice who taught Physics. I also remember the River Irwell and all the 'fluff' that used to float up from it to the playground !! I'd love to hear some news from some of the 'old' girls!! ( )
Marion Howell (now Sullivan, England)

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