This is a wonderful site. Thank you for your hard work. Janice (Ireland) I am Suzanne (Zanne) Higgins, and attended St. Mary's Convent, Newlands Rd., Middlesbrough (England), from 1962-1969. If there are any classmates out there who remember me, it would be great to hear from you. ( )
Suzanne (Zanne) Higgins, (England)

Hi there, Have been doing some research on Mme d'Houet for an event at John Paul College in Frankston Vic. (Australia), (which is why I looked up your website), a School that was co-founded by the FCJs and Marianists. Have quite a few FCJ friends from the 1980's; it has been good to make the connection again, keep on fighting the good fight. Regards,
Mick McIvor, Millgrove, Australia

Hello, the F.C.J. site is wonderful and I have enjoyed visiting it. It is lovely to see a few familiar names and faces. ( ), if there is anyone out there that remembers me.  I was at St. Mary's, Combermere, Canada from 1964 to 1967.
Margaret Houlihan-Jong (Canada)

I went to Adelphi (Salford, England) 1966 to1973. I have memories of Mother Anna walking up and down conjugating the Latin verb to walk. My other memory is the beautiful chapel which sadly has been demolished. The gym is now part of the Old Pint Pot pub but from it you can see the remains of the old tennis courts. Best wishes to everyone who went to the School.
Anne Noone (England)

I have just come across your super site - I was looking up missionary activities. I was at Sedgely (England) from 1961-64 and was very happy there. Many memories come flooding back, both of the sisters and students. I am wondering if Ethna Dempsey (now working at St Bueno's, Wales) is the same one as I met at Sedgely. Thank you for making the site so readable and attractive. Greetings to any of you who remember me.
Margaret Grasar (now of the Grail community, Pinner, Middx UK)

I have always felt I 'belong' to the FCJs. My mother was at Bellerive (Liverpool, England) and at Poles (Hertfordshire) and I went to St Aloysius Junior School in Somerstown (London) followed by five happy years at St Monica's in Skipton (Yorkshire). I then taught at Maria Fidelis (London) for nine years. I am still in touch with many of the nuns who taught me, in particular Sr Thecla and Sr Winifred from St Aloysius and Sr Philomena from St Monica's. Anyone who has an interest in these two schools may care to visit the website 'friendsreunited.co.uk'. It is a site for people to get in touch with fellow past pupils and to share memories. I have put several photographs on including Sr Winefride Knowles R.I.P., Sr Philomena O'Grady, Sr Helen Bresnihan, Sr Margaret Quirke, and Sr Anna Duffy. Take a look! I would like to thank all the sisters who have been so supportive of me throughout my life.
Julia Jasper (née Hely-Hammond, England)

Just found you on the web, and was fascinated by the correspondence from near and far. A great job and I know it takes lots of work to first of all set things up and then to keep them going. My name is Pat Grischenko (Wraw) and I went to St. Monica's in Skipton (England) from 1941 to 1948. Could there be anyone around from that far back? If so maybe you would like to contact me at .
Pat Grischenko (néeWraw, Ontario, Canada)

I attended Poles (England) from 1973-1978 so I visited this website to see if I could find any news of old pupils or nuns. I was known as Sheelagh Tuson then. It is a good website. I have really enjoyed it. If any one wishes to contact me, here is .
Sheelagh Dyer, (Shirley, Solihull, UK)

I just spend over an hour visiting the FCJ web site. It was very informative and interesting to read all about your work and ministries. I had the pleasure of meeting one of your Sisters while she was working in New Brunswick, Canada. Sr.Jane was my spiritual companion for a year and my guide at two silent retreats that I attended. She was a "blessing" in my prayer life and her generosity and understanding, her guidance will be with me always... Blessings,
Simonne (Canada)

I attended Upton Manor primary school, on the Wirral in the 1970's and after visiting this site felt compelled to write and say thank you to all of the staff that worked there, and most especially to Sister Mary Joseph. I have very happy memories of my time at the school, much of which is due to the kindness and patience of that lady. Thank you Sister Mary Joseph - I still think fondly of you, 20 years on. Faye Davies, Berkshire, UK Hi there, I attended Adelphi House, Salford (England) from 1960 to 1967. My maiden name was Krystyna Wyglenda. My sister Denice also attended but was tragically killed in a riding accident in October 1968 when she was in 6th form. The kindness we received from all the sisters is not forgotten and resulted in a lifelong friendship with Sr. Katherine Frost who is like a sister to me and my family. Although I do not know Tina Hignett from school days I have made contact with her in Canada and, as she lives in the same town as my brother-in-law, we may get to see each other when we visit Canada in August. I am in touch with some old girls--- Mary Bobak (now Smith), Susan Nicholls (Decalmer), and Marilyn Price (Lofthouse). I have also had contact with Mrs. Melhuish who taught Biology. I would also like to hear from past pupils. ( ) Good luck with the web site and best wishes to all.
Krys Rabin (England)

Hello to the FCJs! I attended St.Mary's Girls' High in Calgary, Alberta, Canada from September 1961 to June 1964. Of course we were taught by the FCJs who also ran a boarding house in the convent, next door to the school. If any girls who atended St. Mary's at the same time that I did read this, drop me a line. My married name is Dianne Wilson: my maiden name was Dianne Christensen. ( )
Dianne Wilson (Canada)

I loved reading about the work of the FCJs in Latin America, since the FCJ Center in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, was always a source of nourishment when I taught at St. Mary's High School in the late 70's and early 80's. Greetings to all of my FCJ friends from this displaced Canadian in the mountains of Mexico. . Address: Miguel MacDonald, Obispado, Tlapa de Comonfort, Gro., 41304 Mexico Tel/Fax (747) 6 03 95
Gratefully, Mike MacDonald (Mexico)

"Old girls" from Holt Hill U.K ... If you're as old as I am, you'll remember that that is how we used to refer to "past pupils." This is something of a "last hurrah" since there can't be too many of us left, but since being newly-connected to the web, only three weeks ago, one of the first ideas I had was to try and find some of my former acquaintances from Holt Hill (alas no longer extant) in Birkenhead. I've been in the US for more than fifty years but during a five-year stay in Upton in the seventies I actually met Mother Benedict again! Anyone know the whereabouts of Josie, Rosa, Thora, Connie Stanley? Norah Alford (nee Carr) (USA) Hello to all FCJ girls! I am new to all this modern technology - I attended Laurel Hill (Ireland) in the mid 1950s, and am beginning to find a whole new world now - makes a change from rearing children of which I have 6, plus 10 grandchildren! God bless your great work.
Lee Binchy (Ireland)

Dear Faithful Companions of Jesus, congratulations on your web site. I found it most interesting. In the Waterside parish here in south Hampshire (England), we were blessed to have Sisters Anne Marie, Gertrude, Miriam and Teresa. And each and every one of them is much missed. Their card as a memento of my commissioning as a Eucharistic minister (24th October 1992) is in my Daily Missal. My younger daughter Marianne (Dr. M. Fletcher) is over in Australia for 2 years working with Taylor Nelson Sofres. She is in Sydney but travels to the Melbourne office on occasion. My prayers and best wishes to your Melbourne Community. With prayers, best wishes and many thanks.
David Parkinson (England) (Waterside Parish, Southampton, Fr. Ray Lyons) St. Matthias, 14th May 2001.

I came across your site when I was seeking information for becoming a Catholic. It is a lovely site and I admire the work that you do. I went to a Convent School called Mount Carmel in Alderley Edge, Cheshire, England. We were taught by the Sisters from the order of Saint Joseph. I often joined the Catholic girls when they went to say the Rosary. Thank you for the inspiration which your site gave me and I am sure gives others also.
Linda Whiteley (England)

May the Lord Bless every good work that you do. Thanks for being who you are, and Thank you for caring for others. Take Care and God Bless. Joshua Brinson A name which is going to cause blank looks, but I have metamorphosed from Mary-Luise Williams -- can't have two names that people can't spell. Having met Jackie Neckar at a funeral the other day and had a long gossip about schooldays, I would love to have news of any of the nuns, particularly Sister Madeleine, who was at Poles from 1945-1951. My husband Geoffrey and I have retired here six years ago and live in an enchanting medieval house. Last year two of our sons presented us with our first grandson and, almost more important, first grand-daughter. The last female in Geoffrey's direct line is his 101 year old mother.News please!
Victoria Knollys, Salisbury, (England)

Thank you so much for the pilgrim's book and teachings. It answers a deep need that I have felt for some years. From your sister in Christ,
Margot Bazin Mundy, Fort Smith Arkansas, USA

There is no where to begin in thanking you for the wonderful friendships which you have provided to many people. I have known Frances McKenna for many wonderful years, she has brought such spiritual fortune into our lives. My family has been tragically scarred over the past year, we lost our Father to a heart attack in April of 2000, and my Mother with her two Great Grandchildren in a fire in April of 2001. Sister Frances has provided the spiritual healing which has been the guiding light to understanding how a family comes together at times of such stress. Thank you Sister Frances McKenna.
Doug Shaw (Canada)

I was surprised when I accidentally stumbled on the FCJ website whilst researching something else. Congratulations on "going live". Though educated principally by the Jesuits, I did attend Newman College, Preston, England, (formerly Lark Hill Convent) and there made contact with the FCJs. I am pleased to say that Sr. Katherine Frost, currently in Liverpool (England), has journeyed with me in life since I left the College in 1984. She remains a constant and kindly reminder to remain true to my spirituality as I thread a path through my busy, metropolitan London life. Always non-judgmental, she is great strength and support and a dear friend. I hope others are touched by the faith and care of the FCJs. With best wishes to you all.
Andrew McCarthy (London, England)

I attended the Hollies FCJ Grammar School from 1977 through 1981 and the preparatory department from 1974 through 1976. The headmistresses during my years at the Hollies were: Sister Winifred, The Hollies Prep.; and Sister Victoire, The Hollies Grammar. I greatly respected Sister Victoire and missed her very much when I left. I was a student helper at one or two of her retirement functions--I think I served at the bar!! I would be interested in learning how she is doing. I don't know where she went after she left the Hollies--back to Ireland, perhaps?? I left the Hollies myself at age 16 to attend Loreto Sixth Form College in Manchester. I went to college in America after Loreto--I have a BA from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA. Any information on Sister Victoire and The Hollies would be most appreciated. Please pass on my regards and good wishes to Sister Victoire. Thank you. ( )
Jill Richardson Berry (USA)

Thank you for this website, its going to be really nice. Kimberley Devine I attended the above school (Adelphi House School, Salford, England), from 1961 to 1966. My single name was Christina Richardson and I would love to hear from any former pupils of the above school. I am now married with grown children and grandchildren and living in Pickering, outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Last time I went back to England I passed by the school which is now closed, it brought back lots of memories. I can be reached through .
Christina Richardson (Pickering, ON, Canada)

How wonderful to see 'our' spirit on the WWW! Mere Madeleine would be pleased. Love to all (& gratitude...)
Zuzia Spirydowicz (Canada)

I attended Grade school in Toronto where I still live. I was taught in Grade 1 by one of the most influential people in my life. She was Sister Margaret Mary. She was the nicest and the kindest person I have ever known. That was my first exposure to a nun and I must say a very positive experience. I have tried to keep in touch with my Grade 1 teacher and we have succeeded in keeping in touch. God willing we will get together some day. She taught me some important lessons that I still take with me even to this day. The FCJ should be very proud to have amongst them a person who after all these years still influences people.
Cam MacLellan Jr. (Toronto, Canada)

I' have just visited the updated website and am most impressed with the 2001 calendar and the link to the Working for Peace page. I too was Hollies (Manchester, England) educated (1961-68) and have created a website for the school on http://communities.msn.com/TheHolliesFCJGrammarSchool. I visited the Paris Community in the Rue de Sante as part of my research for a history of the Hollies. It was fascinating and wonderful to see the links that are maintained with the descendents of Marie Madeleine Victorie. Just one word of criticism about the site, the national home pages have been 'under construction' since early 2000. Best wishes,
Pat (Mooney) Harris Manchester, England

Hello, our names are Jason and Tara Poilievre. We looked up this site briefly to see what it is all about. Jason's aunt, Elizabeth Poilievre, is one of the sisters and we spotted her right away in the picture of the Canadian group. Your web site is beautifully set up and very inviting to look at. Jason and Tara Poilievre (Canada) How wonderful to read about you faithful companions of Jesus and children of God! I pray for your continuing success.
Jon Meigs (Ithaca, NY, USA)

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