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The Centro de Atención Multiple Martin de Porres — Salta, Argentina
St. Martin de Porres Centre for Children with Learning Difficulties

In Barrio Solidaridad, in SE Salta, there are many children who have physical and mental problems and until this month there was no educational provision for them. But this is changing and a new centre dedicated to St Martin de Porres, is to be developed in the barrio.

In May the association, Sembrando Esperanza (Sowing Hope), which works in the barrio and of which the FCJ Sisters are an integral part, started remodeling a house so that it can be used for these differently gifted children. Half the house had been built without foundations and in some places even without cement; this part had to be demolished. The remaining part was adapted for children with mobility problems. Across subsequent weeks, the walls grew higher and at the end of July the bulding was roofed. Because of inflation everything is very expensive.


Whilst Sembrando Esperanza, waits for the completion of the building, a group of volunteers, coordinated by Sr.Stephanie Earl fcJ, has started work in the local primary school. They support children who have learning problems and especially those who who lack motor skills. Next month the volunteers hope to offer their services to those who need speech therapy and physiotherapy. So although Centro de Atención Multiple Martin de Porres does not yet have its own home, it is already offering help to those who need it most.

May the children thrive and may this new venture be blessed abundantly!

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           dengan segala cara yang bisa dibuat Serikat ...     (Marie Madeleine)