Section title text:  Recent News.

Smithers, 'Au Revoir' ... March 2012

March 31st was the official closing of FCJ Smithers.  FCJ Sisters, Yvonne McKinnon, Terry Smith and Liz Poilievre, joined Mary Shea fcJ in Smithers on March 25th for a Mass of Thanksgiving, parish reception, and closing ritual. 

Photos of Mary at the church and with Fr. Rector; photo of Sr. Yvonne making the reading.

Fr. Rector, pastor, and the Pastoral Council prepared the Mass on  the 25th which was  followed by a Continental Breakfast in the church lobby. The breakfast was well attended and was overwhelming in the expressions of warmth and appreciation.  Mary wrote that she ‘ felt quite loved and appreciated’ and knew that ‘that love was reciprocated’.

On the afternoon of the 25th we had an official FCJ closing of the house and community.  Terry prepared an unusual prayer in which we travelled by car to various meaningful places around Smithers offering a prayer of blessing in each spot. 

Photos of area near Smithers; Photo of Mary receiving a gift of appreciation from native woman.

May the seeds that were planted by our FCJ sisters in New Hazelton, Moricetown and Smithers continue to grow and bear fruit!  

Serikat kita yang kecil ini bertujuan
     memuliakan hati Yesus
           dengan segala cara yang bisa dibuat Serikat ...     (Marie Madeleine)