Section title text:  Recent News.

First Companions in Mission in Romania make commitment - 13 September 2010

Participants at the Mass.

On Monday 13 September 2010, during the evening Mass concelebrated by Fr Eugen Blajuț and his fellow Franciscans, in the Catholic church of St. John the Baptist in Galați, Romania, three new Companions in Mission publicly made their commitment at the altar.  Mary Fitzpatrick, our Provincial, received Doina and Nelu Gheorghiu and Romana Drașovean, as Companions in Mission, the first in Eastern Europe, in the name of the Society. Their joy and emotion were tangible.

Making commitment; receiving CIMs badge; signing the register.

After the Mass, everyone gathered in the clubroom for a really lovely evening, when young and old from the parish sang their congratulations, and witnessed the signing of the register by Doina, Romana and Nelu.  Then there was pizza and drinks for all, followed by circle dancing enjoyed by everyone!   So many from around the world had sent greetings.. and were with us in spirit.  It was indeed a wonderful evening for Mary and the FCJ community in Romania, Ruth, Luminița, Cornelia, Gabi and Juliet… it was with full hearts that we  thanked the Lord for his blessings.

Serikat kita yang kecil ini bertujuan
     memuliakan hati Yesus
           dengan segala cara yang bisa dibuat Serikat ...     (Marie Madeleine)