Mission in Europe

Portrait of Marie Madeleine, FCJ foundress.For Marie Madeleine being a faithful companion of Jesus was all about commitment:

Our world has obviously changed dramatically since her time, therefore our interpretation of mission has also evolved. Today we are involved in many new forms of education around the world. We work alongside many lay colleagues, men and women who share our vision, and we are involved in a variety of work as our way of living out our commitment today to being Faithful Companions of Jesus.

Spirituality that does not commit us to justice lacks credibility in our world. The call to Justice is a radical one demanding courage and freedom as we move away from the influences of consumerism and commercialism.

Rather we are invited to: "Find out what belongs to whom and give it back" (Maria Harris inspired by Walter Brueggemann)

And so we try to live this Spirituality by:

Photo of Sr. Lumi visiting with an elderly woman.Our work for justice recognises our heritage as women. This demands that we:

Our work for justice impels us to develop the Biblical imperative of justice as right relationship. This demands that we respond to the urgent cry to live in reverent, responsible relationship with all of creation.

Today each sister engages in whatever work is life giving for God's people according to her personal gifts and the needs of different times and places. To ensure that our work is relevant to the needs of our time, we have an inbuilt structure in our Society that invites ongoing personal and communal reflection.

Perhaps now as never before we, who call ourselves Faithful Companions of Jesus, are asked to live cultural diversity as an enrichment of our companionship, based on gospel values. We are faced daily with vast movements of people migrating across the globe, many seeking economic opportunities, others fleeing from war and oppression. We are invited to welcome the stranger both in our own communities and in our ministries as we work with people whose culture, race and faith are different from ours.

In a world that is thirsting for meaning and that is hungering for justice the Faithful Companions of Jesus want to companion with God's people, especially those who are deprived and marginalized: identifying with others, walking with them, listening to them, collaborating with them.

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