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The Spirituality of The Sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus

The Faithful Companions of Jesus, a Roman Catholic community of religious sisters founded in 1820 by Marie Madeleine d'Houet, hear God calling them to follow Jesus with love and fidelity.  Like the holy women of the gospel they accompany Jesus in his mission today, and are prepared to stand at the foot of the cross in solidarity with Mary and with those who stayed with him right to the end.   The sisters share his longing that the reign of God will be more and more evident in our world today. 

In every time and situation Faithful Companions hear the cry of Jesus from the cross: “I thirst.”  Their hearts are pierced by this cry, heard in the lives of their suffering sisters and brothers, and they reach out to them in solidarity, compassion and companionship.

Ignatian Spirituality is at the root of the FCJ way of life.  Marie Madeleine wanted the members of the international Society she founded to live by the attitudes and values of Jesus.  Through discernment and reflection Faithful Companions of Jesus seek to discover God’s invitation in all aspects of daily life.  Their desire is to be contemplative in action so that they may find God in all things and be messengers to others of God’s saving Word.

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Companions in Mission are Christian women and men:

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  • who are attracted to living the spirituality of companionship with Jesus in their own daily lives, and who wish to make that commitment formal.
  • who are seeking to deepen their baptismal commitment.
  • who have a desire to spread the Gospel.
  • who are mature in their life choices.
  • who have been in a growing relationship with the Faithful Companions of Jesus over a period of time and who have been invited by the Society to consider entering the programme preparation.

The relationship between the FCJ Society and
                                                      the Companions in Mission

  • Companions in Mission are closely linked to the FCJ Society by a public commitment, although they are not an integral part of it.
  • The FCJ Society welcomes Companions in Mission, accompanies them in their preparation, and includes them in the life of the Society in appropriate ways.
  • The FCJ Society supports the Companions in Mission and is supported by them.  There is no financial commitment on either side.
Gathering wheat and rice.

One of the Companions in Mission.

Companions in Mission are Committed

  • To enriching their faith commitment by living the FCJ spirituality of companionship.
  • To being living witnesses to Jesus, Companion, in their own lives and ministries.
  • To working for positive change in their local faith community.
  • To collaborating with members of the FCJ Society when possible.

The commitment that Companions in Mission make is expressed through
  • Prayer and reflective living.
  • Living a spirituality of companionship in their relationships with others and with the FCJ Society.
  • Reaching out to God’s people through the love and service they offer. 
  • Being associated with the mission of the Faithful Companions of Jesus.
  • Promoting justice in the world.
  • Participating in regular meetings of a Companions in Mission group.
  • Receiving some personal accompaniment from an FCJ Sister
Scales of Justice.

Faithful Companions of Jesus share the gift of their spirituality
so that through the Companions in Mission
its beauty and richness
reaches the lives of many more people.